Welcome to another Recap episode where we go over the day’s biggest headlines, making sure that you’re caught up in all things video games.

AmEx debit card rewards you with League of Legends Riot Points

American Express is looking to offer a debit card that will reach a whole new generation of consumers — the kind that grew up playing video games. According to the NY Times, the credit/debit card company will announce on Wednesday a sponsorship program with Riot Games, the developer ofLeague of Legends.

Here are the 40 improvements the Xbox One controller makes over the Xbox 360

Did you know the Xbox One controller has over 40 improvements over the Xbox 360 one, which many consider to already be the best controller in gaming? Neither did I until Microsoft provided an “insider’s” look at the new and improved controller.

EverQuest Next not planned for PS4 yet, SOE ‘very serious about PC-oriented launch’

EverQuest Next will eventually come to PlayStation 4. Sony Online Entertainment producer David Georgeson things you’d be “dumb” to not explore other platforms. But at launch,EverQuest Next will be a PC-only game.

New Vita games to be announced at Gamescom, for the five of you who own one

After a disappointing E3 showing for the Vita, Sony has vowed to unveil more games for the struggling handheld system at Gamescom this month. This comes from PlayStation EU blog manager Fred Dutton who replied, “Yes!” when asked if we’ll see new Vita games at the show.

Target ad suggests price cut for PS Vita

Sony could be planning to announce a price cut for the PlayStation Vita, if an alleged advertisement for retailer Target is to be believed. Spotted by a member of, the ad suggests that all Vita models will be reduced to $199.99, a $50-$100 savings on the system’s normal selling price.

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