Tales of Graces f boasts eighty five different discoveries waiting to be recorded in your discovery book. Here’s numbers 1 through 5.

Discovery #1: Apple Trees
This is the easiest discovery to find, located in the West of Lhant Village right behind the soldier who gives you the Discovery Book. Check back here to collect apples.

Discovery #2: Lord Windegarde
This is the big windmill in the north of town. No items to collect here, but climb the ladder for a quick quick with Asbel and Sophie.

Discovery #3: Family Portrait
Another easy one to find, this is the big portrait of the Lhant family atop the central staircase in Lhant manor.

Discovery #4: Gel Seeds
You’ll find this discovery on the eastern path out of Lhant, a large tree surrounded by what look like pumpkins. Check back here for a steady stock of Gel Seeds, which can be combined to make a variety of items.

Discovery #5: Cryas Shards
You’ll find these outside the south of Lhant Village, in a nearby stream. Don’t be afraid to wade in and add this discovery to your book!