So yeah. Element of Destruction pack for Saints Row IV is out today! It lets you do awesome shit like pick some bitch up and TK them away but oh snap they turn into a time bomb and when the time is up they go BOOOOOOOOOM and its like double shitty for them. Or then like, you can apply a buff to yourself which makes all the morons that step to you turn into walking sticks of dynamite and then they also go BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. OH but listen my fav one is the Airstrike Stomp where you like Stomp on the ground and you’re like NO GTFO and then all the bad dudes around you get sent flying up into the air while shitting fire. The bad dudes are like WTFFFFFFFFFFFF and you’re like HAHA and then before the bad dudes figure out WTF sposions happen and its all airstrike Independence Day NEVAR FORGET all around you. And then you’re all like LOLZ, IDIOTS. The end.