With each Resident Evil: Revelations 2 episode comes a new Raid Mode character or two. In the first episode Capcom added Moira and in episode 2 we get Pedro and Gabe. These characters will only appear once you finish the campaign for that episode. Thus once you finish Barry’s portion of episode 2, you can play as Pedro and Gabe.

Pedro comes packing a drill for melee charges and a passive shield that lets him take a beating. The shield seems pretty amazing. While the drill is neat, it has a gimmick feel to it. Gabe carries over this melee sort of powerhouse. He has the charge melee that Moira has but also a new Ground Pound ability. As the name suggests, this ability damages all the enemies around Gabe. It starts with 5 charges and has some potential. I need to see it on more healthy and more difficult foes.

I know people are going to ask, the song is: “The Blue Danube Waltz.”