GameZone was able to get a personal demo of the upcoming MMO from Cryptic, Neverwinter.

Here we’re introduced to the game mechanics, such as the battle system which ditches tab targeting in favor of action combat. Lead Producer, Andy Velasquez, takes us through a few of the areas to show off the combat with the Trickster Rogue.

Since it’s all in real time, the team wanted to ensure that the skill bars never got too overwhelming, which is why they opted for an easier configuration of only a few skills, and letting players switch those out in certain areas, depending on what type of role they need to fill.

Neverwinter will be built from the ground up as a free to play MMO, and the team assures that you won’t need to spend a single penny in order to get the full experience.

You can look forward to the closed beta and open beta this year.