The transfer process for Nintendo’s New 3DS, might seem slightly difficulty. But don’t worry, we walk you through the easiest way to do it, using an existing MicroSD card and an SD card adapter.

Here is the step by step process written out
1.Purchase a large capacity MicroSD card with an adapter included. Like this, or this, or even this.
2. Take your existing SD card out of your old 3DS, and transfer all the content to a folder on your computer.
3. Put the new MicroSD card into the adapter, plug it into your computer, and transfer all the files from your computer to the MicroSD card.
4. Now put the MicroSD card that’s housed inside the adapter back into your old 3DS.
5. Start a System Transfer on both 3DS consoles. Go through the process until it asks you this: Are you using an SD card or a Mini SD card with this system? At this point, select No.
6. Continue the process until it asks you to remove the SD card from your old 3DS. At that point, take your MicroSD card and adapter out of your old 3DS. Remove the MicroSD card from the adapter, and insert it directly into the New 3DS.
7. Voila, you’re done! Your New 3DS should now have all your preferences, themes, and games carried over.