Death is out to clear his brother’s name and restore order to the realm by resurrecting humanity. To do this, he’ll have to smash his way through legions of boss battles, uncover a variety of secrets, and try his best to keep his skull mask from getting dirty. Vito Gesualdi helps you get it done in this video walkthrough!

Boss Guide: How to beat the Construct Hulk (The Nook)

The Construct Hulk is the boss of The Nook, and this big baddie can be a definite challenge to take down. Keep your camera locked on the big guy, making sure to jump over the shockwaves which resonate from his ground pound ability. These shockwaves will also knock down some sticky bombs from the ceiling, so quickly maneuver over to them and throw them at the Construct Hulk. You may find it easier to lock on and toss the bomb, or to use aim mode instead, do whatever feels right!

After being hit with a bomb, the Construct Hulk will collapse, exposing his heart while at the same time summoning some tiny construct creatures. If you have the necromancer ability, summon your own little buddies to keep the minor constructs busy, then unload on the heart with your most powerful attacks.

After the hulk gets back up, make sure to destroy any little constructs that remain to keep them from interrupting you as you snatch sticky bombs. Simply repeat the same actions you’ve already done, hopping over shockwaves and dodging attacks, before catching the hulk with another bomb and moving in for more damage. Soon you’ll have this big baddie out of the way, with plenty of loot as your reward!