*Spoilers ahead*

So… the cleric lady that helps with moving the contraption and who sells you early game miracles, isn’t all what she seems. She actually slips up in dialogue the first time you talk to her. You know that Nameless Usurper that KEEPS attacking you, well, let’s say she isn’t as nameless as you may think – traitor.

That Cracked Eye Orb you picked up in the crypt will react when you’re around Licia of Lindeldt, this is quite similar to the Lautrec invasion in Dark Souls. Use the orb and invade her world once you’re it procs that message about the orb. She’ll try to kill you guilt free this time. Murder her and get the Saint’s gear, the key to the contraption, and her chime. During this fight, watch out for her quick AoE burst around her, it hurts and will send you flying. Other than that spell, the pillar will block her spells. She is a cleric and does heal, so keep that in mind.