Rei III discovers Bloodborne’s final upgrade piece, the Blood Rock under Mother Brain. Hard to get to without full Blood Vials and some Sedatives. Totally worth it though. Past mother brain, is a hard to reach chest that contains the Choir Bell. This spell heals allies in coop if that’s your thing. Now on to the finale, the Doll says to meet Gehrman. He’s going to give us a choice, you know, to sack your life to wake up and forget everything or to reject fate. Rei III, much like her anime self, is extremely rebellions. Gehrman is basically Gendo at this point. This leads to the Gehrman, the First Hunter fight. He has three phases, all of which he is parryable. I don’t in the video, but I have in the past. There are small windows to punish and combo him, take those. With a +10 he stagers pretty easily in phases but the last. On his last phase just take pop shots and back off. After the fight you’ll see this ending and my confusion. After, I talk a bit about my experience and Rei III stops her hunt… or does she begin it? Thanks for watching!