Dr. Smythe’s S-02 robot is out to destroy all cross species, including Spider-Man! Luckily our favorite web-head is here to kick some serious robot ass. Wait, does a robot snake have an ass? Hm…

How to defeat the S-02 robot

To start, swing around the big snake avoiding it’s attacks, while using the web shot to gum up the small blue fan seen towards the top of its body. After this, use the dodge button to get out of the way of its lunge attack, then use the Web Rush button to smash up the back panel! Do this twice, and you’ll move onto part two.

Now, the robot is going after the news chopper. Use Web Rush to get over there quick and distract the giant worm, which will put you on top of a building for the final showdown.

Use the dodge button to get out of the way of S-02’s tentacle arms, all while hammering away on your web shot button. After this, you’ll be able to dodge your way into it’s big center eye. Just button mash the thing out and Spider-Man will smash it!

Next S-02 will try using its big slow laser attack. Just jump over the beam while continuing to spam web shot, then repeat the eye smashing!

Finally, S-02 will use a combination of lasers and tentacles to try and take you down. Continue to dodge and jump while webshooting the beast, then smash the eye a third time. Following this, mash on the correct button to escape it’s sucking vacuum attack, and throw that big antenna right at its face for the kill!