At the end of the St. Gabriel’s Bank is the deadly yet beautiful Black Cat (aka Felicia). Luckily, we’ve got the scoop on how to take down this deadly Amazing Spider-Man Boss Battle.

How to defeat the Black Cat

Black Cat is one of the only bosses in Amazing Spider-Man who can be slowed down using the web shooters. Use the web shot to cover Felicia in webs, then move in for a standard punch combo. After a bit of this, Felicia will disappear. Use Web Rush to travel around the room, finding the pillar she’s hiding behind, then move in with a Web Rush attack.

Black Cat’s most dangerous attack is a grenade which will trap Spider-Man. Use web escape to get out of the way before it blasts open, though if you’re caught in the explosion, tap the action button to quickly escape. Return to using web shoot to trap her, followed by web rush or a standard punch combo, and you’ll eventually have this kitten down for the count!