Fragment Location Guide | (#25) Palladium Ring
Bresha Ruins (100AF) – Find the materials

Right as you enter the Bresha Ruins (100AF) you’ll find the soldier Pat standing where Atlas once stood. Ignore her awful character model, as she tells you that she’s looking for some secret weapon materials. In the northernmost ruins (the ones closest to Pat) you’ll find a hidden item box, at the junction of four paths. You’ll need the advanced Moogle Hunt to reveal the item, but once you do, you’ll find that it’s the Weapon Material.

Retyurn the Weapon Material to Pat, who lets us know she plans to sell it to the government. Cool story bro. Anyhow, she’ll hand over Fragment of Time #25 – the Palladium Ring, as well as 1000 Crystarium Points.
If you’ve already gotten the Palladium Ring, Osmium Ring and Ruthenium ring, Noel will afterwards wonders if this is the best way to figure out the paradox, though Mog assures him that it’s best to explore all angles of a situation. This opens up the Rhodium Ring sidequest. Go talk to Ronan by the gravestone to trigger it!

Topics Covered
-Where to find Pat
-Where to find the materials (Weapon Materials)
-Where to deliver the Weapon Materials
-How to get the Palladium Ring Fragment
-How to unlock the Rhodium Ring sidequest (Retrieve the device)
-Finding all missions in the Bresha Ruins 100AF area

Items Found
-Weapon Materials
-Palladium Ring Fragment
-1000 CP (Crystarium Points)