Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragment Guide (Vile Peaks 200AF)
[#145] Thunder’s Last Light

After meeting Torreno and Falcon in the Vile Peaks 200AF, continue onwards to the far west, where you’ll find Coporal Thunder. He’ll give us some information on the swirling black paradox found there, and tell us to talk to Falcon about it more. After he hands over the Thunder’s Last Light fragment and 500CP. Remember his name (Thunder), you’ll need it when we go and talk to Falcon again!

Topics Covered
-Where to find Blitz Squadron member Coporal Thunder
-How to get Thunder’s Last Light
-How to get the Blitz Squadron Mission Report fragment [find all six survivors]
-Finding all missions / fragments in the Vile Peaks 200AF area

Items Found
-Thunder’s Last Light
-500 Crystarium Points (CP)