Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 – NDS – Review

For those uninformed, Yu-Gi-Oh! is a
popular Japanese anime franchise that pits characters against each other with
the use of cards for the method of combat. It all began in 1996 with its
original manga and has elevated to the global phenomenon that it is today.
Today, you can find Yu-Gi-Oh! movies, trading cards, t-shirts, accessories, and
of course video games. What better than to throw out the trading cards and play
the real thing on your Nintendo DS.

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007
allows players to duel each other with many various possibilities. The features
that will become a hot commodity within the community are the Wi-Fi modes. I bet
no one can deny a challenge from their friend online. Most importantly, Wi-Fi
gives users a chance to take the level of difficulty up a notch playing against
real opponents.

Of course, if you aren’t a fan of
Wi-Fi or playing real-life counterparts, there are single-player duels against
CPU-controlled opponents. One test of your skill is to play Limited Duels.
Limited Duels essentially tie one hand behind your back due to that you can only
use certain cards within the battle. If that isn’t your flavor of cookie you
like, Survival Duels may be an attracting game mode. Survival Duels is tied
closely to many “gauntlet” modes where players are thrown into a match against
opponents one after another until you lose.


A noteworthy addition: WC 2007
permits backwards compatibility of some sorts. Owners of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit
, which is also available on the DS, will be able to trade their
entire card decks between the two games. This is beneficial for those players
who hate starting all over again collecting their favorite cards. Think of this
option of trading cards as if it was trading your favorite Pokemon – it will
come in handy to save you hours of gameplay that you already invested in the

I must stop myself now before I get
too far ahead of myself and issue a warning. Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! will love
Konami’s latest release. So far, everything has been smooth running for the
game. It has Wi-Fi, a good amount of game modes, and even the ability to trade
cards with previous iterations. What WC 2007 doesn’t have is the aptitude to
lure new fans in.

You see, I am not originally a fan
of Yu-Gi-Oh! – or for any card game for that matter – but I have saw through the
confusion to notice a good game. I can acknowledge that WC 2007 will be a wet
dream to any fan that is looking for their next Yu-Gi-Oh! fix. Sadly, and not
surprisingly, gamers that weren’t swept up in the Yu-Gi-Oh! craze when it was at
its highest, won’t be this time around either.


If WC 2007 happens to be the first
time players have ever played Yu-Gi-Oh!, there is a tutorial to aide them along.
The tutorial explains the universe quite well, but be prepared for the onslaught
of information that you’ll have to take in. I am betting that it will take new
players at least two attempts at going through the tutorial to understand the
whole concept of Yu-Gi-Oh!

For those new players (and even
those hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh! fans), the game controls beautifully on the Nintendo
DS. Using the stylus, players are asked to pick up cards and place them on the
board to play. I don’t see anyone having complications with the controls … it’s
just that I find people having to jump hurdles to understand the game.

Novice players can take advantage of
the pre-made decks to assist the players who have no clue how to construct a
worthy battle deck. Veteran players will have no trouble putting together a
decent deck to combat.

There are more than 1,600 Yu-Gi-Oh!
cards to make your own personal deck. This depth should attract fanatics to play
WC 2007. Who wouldn’t want to test their wits online against competition
globally? Getting all the cards is more difficult than anyone can imagine.
Actually, let’s do try to imagine it. Think about Christmas and opening presents
at your grandparents. Got the image in your mind? Okay, now imagine opening up a
gift real quick and the present you open up you soon realize you already had
received the same exact one from a different relative. This folks is real life,
the unfortunate events of receiving duplicate gifts.


WC 2007 attempts to create a
somewhat realistic approach with asking the players to buy the cards from stores
in the game. The cards come in a pack and often (or let’s say a majority of the
time) you’ll be receiving several of the same cards. Yeah, what a bummer, but
what can you do?

In the end, the overlying question
that should remain is if the game is worth the purchase. For what is delivered,
I’d recommend this for everyone. First-time players should enjoy the challenge
of learning the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!. If you have already chosen not to be a fan
of Yu-Gi-Oh! or card games in general, then you have made up your mind already
and there’s no persuading you.

Review Scoring Details for Yu-Gi-Oh! World
Championship 2007

Gameplay: 7.5
There are several modes of gameplay; one that I haven’t mentioned includes
the challenge mode to complete puzzles and allows for practice.

Graphics: 7.2
The graphics are all around solid, but I’d have to believe players
purchasing WC 2007 are more concerned about gameplay than the graphics. The art
of anime series is all here and customizing your game’s avatar is a great

Sound: 6.0
The sound is basic since Konami doesn’t really have to focus on the music
within a card game. There aren’t different worlds to assign specific music or
anything special for the developers to take notice of, so there’s just generic
sound effects and music.

Difficulty: Medium
This will be tough for newcomers to the series. On the flip side, long time
Yu-Gi-Oh! aficionados will have no trouble picking up the title.

Concept: 6.5
Personally, I don’t see the hype of card games. Even with Magic: The
, I never saw what makes them so popular. Konami has done a good
job with delivering a worthwhile Yu-Gi-Oh! game with World Championship 2007.

Multiplayer: 7.5
Wi-Fi is worth it alone. Too bad there isn’t enough competition online to
keep players coming back.

Overall: 7.1
Once again I must stress this – especially if you have never played Yu-Gi-Oh!
games in the past, watched the series, followed the manga, or even played the
physical card games – newcomers must beware that this is a lot tougher to tackle
as a beginner. World Championship 2007 will possibly create a few new fans, but
most significantly, it will put smiles on hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh! fans.