World of Tanks Review has one of the most in-depth multiplayer games I've ever played on their hands. World of Tanks is an intense and realistic deathmatch-type game; players play on one of two teams that start on separate sides of an expansive map, and try to eliminate the tanks on the other team.

World of Tanks is a free-to-play game; of course, you have the option to spend real money to get the game's currency. The in-game currency will allow you to get better tanks faster by buying upgrades for your tanks, unlocking more tanks, buying different types of rounds to counter stronger tanks, crew members, and repairs. There is an insane amount of depth and tank upgrades galore. It can get a little overwhelming with the amount of options you have of tanks to use, but after enough time, you'll find the tank that matches your play style.

The combat tries to be very realistic. Many factors go into damage, including the type of armor you're going against, the type of shell you're using, and the angle and location at which you hit. Unfortunately, a fair amount of luck/chance goes into damage as well, meaning it isn't all skill-based. Sometimes you'll empty eight shells into an enemy tank, only to become disabled with one shot from them, and destroyed on the next. Things like this will be very frustrating, and more than one time I've wanted to walk away from the game. However, given enough time, you will get a better tank, become more accustomed to the maps and controls, and find out the best strategies for defeating your armored opponents.

Speaking of the maps, they are pretty massive considering the slow pace at which the tanks move. Maps have farms, hills, war-torn cities, small towns, and grassy open fields. Using cover will definitely be to your advantage; it allows you to pop off a shot and duck back behind cover.

Some problems I've had with the game is that it doesn't hold your hand—at all. If you want to figure out strategies, how damage is calculated, or become accustomed to anything in the game, you need to use the wiki. Being knowledgeable will definitely prove advantageous in this game. Also, once you die in the match, you're done. You need to wait until the match ends, which could be another 10 minutes. Sure, you can leave the match, but if you're playing with friends, that really isn't an option.

The matchmaking is hit or miss, as well. It tries to keep players with more advanced tanks in the same bracket, but you just can't always have it perfect. Sometimes there will be an insanely powerful tank on the other team that is just killing left and right. The math that goes into damage can also prove quite frustrating when you aren't getting the kills that you're accustomed to getting in multiplayer deathmatch games. Again, this is more realistic and simulation-style gameplay.

For a free-to-play game, World of Tanks is insanely detailed and has combat that takes a while to get used to. The more you learn about the game and the more you play, the better you'll become at it. It's like an investment—spend time playing and you'll be able to upgrade more and compete better. In that sense, the game really drives you towards becoming better. Since it's free, it doesn't hurt to try this game out if you haven't already. Just make sure you get past the growing pains and give it a chance, because it really does have a lot to offer. Quick tip: don't attack a heavy tank head on with a smaller, faster tank. Try to maneuver yourself around it and flank it. Took me a couple of games and some restraint to stop playing it like a shooter.