First off let me say Halo 4 is an exquisite game! 343 industries did an amazing job! New weapons, enemies, story, and I dig the new HUD for the Master Chief. What I have a problem with is that there is a gross amount of online cheaters/ fire moders? Why do such an amazing job creating a game and such a piss poor job of managing Infinity match making? People cheat, I totally understand that there will never be a lack of cheaters in the world, but why soo many playing Halo 4 online and it seems that they are not being caught!!!???

That sucks!!! I paid my money for the game and pay for Xbox live, I play fair, I could cheat no problem, but I don't!! I just wish #$# Industries would do a better job of making sure online play is fair, especially when you have gamers entered in an online Infinity Chalange!!!!!!!!! It just sucks when you consider that the ceaters are getting the high scores and the people who play by the rules are getting dumped on! It feels like the cheaters are being rewarded for bad behavior!? Especially if they are going to be the people that win all the prizes b/c they are getting the ill gained high scores!?? I hate watching replays of me dying when the spartan that killed me was shooting the floor or the wall 2' to the left or right of me, and maybe shot me once maybe if that, and I die why, I really don't understand?