Tropix – PC – Review


is one of the myriad online arcade games available at different gaming sites.
Players who want to play the game offline can either download the full
version, or buy the retail version.

There are eleven
games in all, but only six are playable in the beginning. The others have to
be unlocked by purchasing items for the monkey, which will satisfy his needs.
When his needs are satisfied, then players can move on to other islands and
other games. Players can buy these items in the store.

The games are
a mix of arcade and word games, with an emphasis on arcade. They are all
simple, basic versions of common games like solitaire, bowling, three-in-a-row
matching and similar types. They are very basic versions. The solitaire game
only has one version of solitaire, and the bowling is just rolling a ball down
the lane. There are some special effects which jazz it up a little, but the
core gameplay is simple.

Still, the
graphics are bright and exuberant and fun to watch.  The water motif is fun!
The best games to play are the bubble-popping one, which features cute little
fish blowing bubbles; the jungle swing where players swing the monkey from
vine to vine; and the shell game (one of the unlocked games). The other games
are fun, as well, but not quite as good.

When taking a
break from the games, players can watch the monkey and crab cavort on the
beach. They will eat the food and play with the toys. These toys include a
mask and snorkel set, which the monkey will use while swimming around the
island. However, I could only get the monkey to play with the toys when I
clicked on the toys. There is also a screensaver.

This is a cute
collection of games that everyone in the family can play, and kids will
especially get a kick out of the monkey and crab. The instructions are easy to
understand, and the games as a whole are presented in a very kid-friendly
fashion. The full version costs $20, though, and I don’t feel there is $20
worth of gameplay involved. When other versions of
these games can be played for free online, it’s hard to justify spending this
amount just to play offline. A $10 price tag would be more appropriate.

Review Scoring Details

for Tropix

Gameplay: 7.5


are eleven arcade games, most of which are pretty fun. However, all of these
games in similar forms can be played online for free.

Graphics: 7


graphics are bright and colorful, and are appealing. The ocean theme works

Sound: 6


sound effects are adequate and the music is average.

Difficulty: Easy


game is easy to pick up and play. The instructions are simple and easy to
understand, and the interface is easy to use.

Concept: 6


game doesn’t offer anything new, but the presentation is attractive.

Overall: 7.2


game collections go, this is a fairly decent compilation. There is a good
variety between arcade and word games, which will appeal to a larger group of
people than if there was just one focus. Having the added fun of decorating
the islands and watching the monkey play is pretty cool, too. Kids and adults
alike can enjoy these games equally. For what is here, though, the price may
be a little high.