Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max Review

Things get magical in the latest DLC pack

If there's one thing I know for absolutely certain, is that you can't get much better than a gun-wielding cat riding on a fire-breathing magical unicorn. Ubisoft obviously knew this and used it to their advantage in the latest Trials Fusion DLC ever so cleverly titled, Awesome Level Max.

While Awesome Level Max presents itself as DLC focused on said mythical creature carrying a furry feline, it actually makes up a rather small portion of the overall experience. That's definitely a shame, however what is there that makes up the magical adventure is one of the most clever level designs I've ever seen.

The first stage will have you riding a bike before you turn into the unicorn and that's where things start to get bizarre, in a very good way. The first unicorn stage for example will have you shifting through various dimensions as you go through it, which is not only visually impressive, but very fun to play. The only downside to that level is that each time you shift through another dimension, the game has a hard time loading up the game's assets immediately, which leads to some odd graphical hiccups upon each switch.

Trials Fusion

The other stages include recruiting three cat adventurers across one of the longer stages of the DLC, a trek across a post-apocalyptic broken world, a gallop atop a planet with low gravity and even a boss fight against a penguin in a giant mech. If it sounds completely ludicrous, it's cause it is, but in all the right ways.

However, the first two levels with the unicorn fooled me a bit. They were both a bit longer which made me think that the rest of the stages would have received that same care and attention, but that wasn't really the case. I'm not saying they were bad levels by any means, but I expected a slightly meatier experience. One of the cooler stages which is very post-apocalyptic was only about 45 seconds long. Compared to the meaty 3 minute experience of the second unicorn stage, that was slightly disappointing.

Despite being a unicorn, it's still controls very similarly to the bike. I'd say the only thing different is that it's slightly more manageable to control it when it's on its hind legs, as opposed to doing a wheelie with the bike.

Trials Fusion

The rest of the experience, which actually makes up a bulk of the new tracks is a combination of Redlynx tracks and some of the best community created tracks in a pack called Redlynx vs. All-Stars. Sadly, these don't support your magical quadroped, which seems like a strange decision, considering the entirety of the advertising is based solely around the cat and unicorn.

However, despite that, the tracks are still absolutely fantastic. A lot of them are still devilishly hard, though I have to say that they're a bit more manageable than some of the tracks in the previous DLC packs. Despite there being less cat and unicorn than I would have liked, the tracks included are still incredibly fun and really showcase some of the community's best efforts. If you were itching for more off-the-wall Trials Fusion action, definitely give Awesome Level Max a try.