The Sims Hot Date Expansion Pack – PC – Review

Not only can your Sims call
a taxi to visit the new downtown. There are over 40 new social interactions
available to control your Sims’ relationships.  Additionally there are over
125 new items added to make gameplay even more remarkable.

The new downtown has many
aspects that you can take pleasure in.  You simply call a cab from home and
for $50 simoleans you can catch a ride with or without a friend.  Once you
arrive at your chosen destination you can enjoy shopping for yourself or a
special friend selecting from many new items in different Sim stores.  You can
spark up a conversation and make new friends.  Enjoy dining in either a
four-star restaurant or an ice cream parlor.  The options are interesting and
provide for many hours of entertainment.  The other bonus with the new
downtown area is that you can go there as a user to edit and create new
stores, shops and restaurants.  The only downside is make sure you leave elbow
room for your Sims since you cannot move to play mode while downtown as a
user.  A quick tip it to leave at least one open square around any placed

With the 40 plus new
social interactions you have many options when it comes to making and
maintaining friends both downtown and in your neighborhood.  You now have the
opportunity to question your fellow Sim about how they are doing, how his/her
job is going or what they are interested in.  You can talk about interests,
joke or put on a puppet show for your friend.  There are also many new levels
of a kiss or a simple hug.  However, I myself being an avid Sims fanatic was a
bit let down in the interactions for a continuing conversation.  You can go
from a great chat with relationship points adding up quickly, to making the
mistake of asking an inane question about the friend’s job and the
conversation plummets with negativity.  It is understandable for continued
playability that Maxis not make it too easy to establish a relationship, but
it is quite frustrating when the rules keep changing.  Overall, the new
communication options make for many challenging hours of fun and mischief.

The best part of Hot Date
is the 125+ new items to build, decorate and play with.  Personally, I love
new objects to use in my game and this expansion pack does not disappoint. 
Though some objects are designated for downtown use only, you still have quite
a bit of interesting objects to play with when you build or add-on to your Sim
house.  I have to divulge that I am quite a pursuer of Sim fan sites when it
comes to new objects to download for your game.  One site that I find offers
awesome reviews and links of newly created objects is

Sims Showcase

Though I found that The
Sims Hot Date had a few slight downfalls, I really enjoyed and will continue
to enjoy this expansion pack.  It has so much to offer and the possibilities
are never-ending. 

The Sims Hot Date is rated T
for teen due to comic misbehavior, mature sexual themes and minor animated



You will need at least the original The Sims to load this expansion
pack.  Once you begin the installation you have to revert back to your
previous Sims disk or expansion pack disk so that Hot Date can pull music
files.  I reviewed this game on a relatively new PC and experienced a
significant amount of lagging once I reached the downtown area with my Sim.


The new categories for your objects can be quite confusing when you are
looking for a particular item, especially if you have a lot of objects
downloaded from Sim fan sites.  The character development of the game is ever
expanding due to the new interactions available. 

No change to the graphic content from previous expansion packs. 

Additional sounds complemented with the new social interactions.

No significant changes to the difficulty level from previous expansion packs
or the original Sims. 

Since this is an expansion pack, no real original concept other than the
option of going downtown.

Hot Date provides for outstanding entertainment if you are willing to overlook
the shortcomings when it comes to the new social interactions.