Spider-Man: Web of Shadows – 360 – Review

One of the most popular super heroes
of all time (that doesn’t wear a cape) is Spider-man. The popularity has only
been compounded by the recent movie trilogy. Unlike many other super heroes
released at the time, Stan Lee’s Spider-man really hit a note with comic-book
readers. This could be because many readers can put themselves in Peter Parker’s
shoes, and understand the reasons for the decisions that he is forced to make
all the time. Riding on the recent surge of popularity a new game based on
Spider-man has been released entitled Spider-man: Web of Shadows.

People will always have the fantasy
of wondering what truly feels like to be a super hero. Unlike dressing up in
their house, the only real way to get their fix is by playing the multitude of
games available. The problem with that is that most games end up being a very
sad representation of the comic book. This trend has started to change with the
added power of the new generation of consoles; players are finally getting a
true taste of what it feels like to be a super hero. Spider-man: Web of Shadows
proves to be such a game. Even though it does have its faults, players will have
a blast playing this game.

Unlike the other recent Spider-man
games, Spider-man: Web of Shadows is a based on a completely original story. The
developers only have the limits of their imaginations (and the Marvel License)
to hold them back. The result is a game that has two branching storylines that
are determined by the player’s actions. Players can choose to be the hero or
turn out to be more of a villain.

Someone has been working out

Players will face the consequences
of their actions early on in the game. Luke Cage tasks Spider-man with helping
him cut down on gang violence in the city. As players progress though the
mission they will have to take out all the “little guys” before they finally get
to the bosses of each gang. With the help of Luke Cage, players will get each
boss to meet and then players will have to choose to help them make peace, which
will keep the streets free from random gunfire or allow the bosses to take each
other out, which mean more bloodshed. Right after that mission, players will
chase around the Black Cat and choose to pursue a relationship with her on the
side or remain loyal to Mary Jane. Whatever choice they make will have a
profound impact on the next set of missions players will undertake, as well as
how the city’s population views Spider-man.

The first mission serves as a
gloried tutorial for the overall game. Players will get assignments from Luke
Cage, and it teaches players how to do basic fighting. Soon Luke will teach
players how to do more complicated moves, which will help out later in the game.
One move allows players to web line from enemy to enemy knocking them out in the
process. This is a really fun move, that requires somewhat precise button timing
or else when players get close the enemy will actually hit them backwards; this
is especially fun early on as some enemies have baseball bat, and are hitting
Spider-man like a pi