Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix – PC – Review

SOF2 has taken violence to
an all-new level.  I’m not saying that it is more violent than any other FPS,
but graphically it has out done itself. The developers did a fantastic job of
utilizing a still great quake 3 Arena engine and GHOUL II technology that
provides ultra realistic damage modeling.  36 damage zones and 16
dismemberment zones. SOF2 carries a mature rating that is well deserved, but
you can toggle the settings so it is not so graphic by turning the violence
lock on.  All that being said, it’s intense, action packed, graphic, bloody,
and awesome.

again take control of the role of John Mullins a patriot, weapons specialist,
anti-terrorist mercenary and Military consultant.  An insidious threat has
arisen in the form of a bio-terrorist organization and their two-pronged
Gemini Virus. Your mission is to race around the globe to neutralize the
terrorists before the plague is unleashed on humanity. There are 55 levels of
covert actions in the single player mode.  Though the missions were fun, they
were a bit linear.  Do this, get that, rescue this dude, etc.  The missions
still immerse you in the game so much in fact I would vote this my favorite
FPS that I have ever reviewed. 

OK so you blasted your
way through all 55 levels and you want something more.  There is an in game
mission generator that allows you to customize your own levels of play.  You
can choose the mission type, location, time of day, difficulty, time limit,
seed, and generate new seed.  If this was not enough to sport a heck of a lot
more playability, there are the multiplayer options.  You can choose games
like deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, elimination, and
infiltration.  With all these modes of play I find it hard to believe that
this game will collect any dust.

The AI of the enemy was
actually pretty decent.  Most games of the genre are plagued with lousy AI
that can just get plain annoying.  I will say that this title has done better
than most at eliminating this nightmare.  Yes there are those times when the
AI just does not react like you think it should, but all in all I think the
developers did a nice job, especially at the more difficult levels.

Through out the game you
will find a variety of in-view weapons and combat items.  These include
pistols, shot guns, assault rifles, and heavy weapons.  All in all there are
14 in-view weapons, 10 grenades and 4 combat items at your disposal, scattered
throughout the game.  Because much of the game requires stealth, you do need
to pay attention to what weapons you are using in certain missions because
they can draw a lot of attention.  Use your commando knife and sneak up on the
enemy for the ultimate in stealth ness.   I like the fact that you can pick up
the bodies so the enemy does not react when they see their fallen comrades
littering the area. My only gripe of the game is that you have to hold down
the crouch key or prone key to stay in that position.  If you like to lay
cover fire from a sniper position this can get annoying.  Furthermore in
multiplayer games I do not believe you can lay prone. I did not see the option
on the control set up.  If I’m wrong here, please someone drop me line and
tell me how to do it and I will edit the review.   You can reach me at

All in all I highly
recommend this sequel.  If you have never played SOF or even if you’re a SOF
nut, this is a must have for any FPS fan!

Reviewer’s Scoring Details


Installation: Medium

You do need 1.3GB of HD
space plus 300MB swap file space

Gameplay: 8.5
Though a bit linear, the gameplay
will literally immerse you in the game

Graphics: 9 
A fantastic job
utilizing a still great quake 3 Arena engine and GHOUL II Technology provides
ultra realistic damage modeling.  36 damage zones and 16 dismemberment zones

Sound: 8
Sound effects are
top notch.  Some of the voice-overs could use some work, but nothing in the
audio department takes away from the game

Difficulty: medium

Plenty of skill level to take
advantage of.  Newbies and veterans of the genre will find this game a blast.

Concept: 8 
Good story line
and great effects that this reviewer would love to see in other FPS’

Multiplayer: 9

Easy to get playing both
LAN and Internet play.  Mp option will give this game replay ability even
after you dominate the most difficult settings.

Overall: 9
A lot of bang for
the buck.  Nicely done!