Skyrim: Hearthfire review

While everyone else is having a field day on Borderlands 2, some of us dedicated addicts of everything Elder Scrolls related are still exploring the world of Skyrim. More recently, Bethesda released an add-on for the popular RPG to fuel our dragon-killing addiction even more with their second DLC entitled Hearthfire. A measly 400 Microsoft points can get you the newest add-on for Skyrim, but is it worth it? Let’s take a look.

When it comes to Skyrim, I still haven’t been able to put it down. I’m sure a lot of you have killed enough dragons and are completely tired of acquiring shouts, but for those of you still scouring the land of Skyrim just for the heck of it like myself, Hearthfire is yet another facet of Skyrim you must explore.

Upon downloading Hearthfire and entering the game, a courier will stop you and tell you of land that is being offered for sale. Land for sale! Awesome, right? Well, it is and it turns out you can construct quite the mansion on your land out of building materials you can acquire throughout Skyrim by purchasing from traders or finding on your own.


Welcome to SKYRIM CRIBZ.

Starting only with a carpentry table and blueprints, you start with a humble home, but have the option to add onto it. This is where the fun lies. Once you build your main home, new blueprints are opened up allowing you to build more sections of your home including a kitchen, armory, trophy room and a host of other sections. Once built, you can also furnish your house by continuing to build items such as beds, tables and chairs out of certain materials found around Skyrim. Once you build your house up, you start to feel accomplished and I’m sure most of you will want to take on more responsibility. So, why not become a Dad? Although, you won’t have the added awkwardness that you see in Fable games often times, (bedroom sounds), you will be able to adopt children who are homeless throughout Skyrim. (Daww.)


To be clear, there are no added quests to this small DLC, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth your time. For 400 Microsoft points, it creates another dimension to your life inside of Skyrim by allowing you to purchase land and possibly build a nice home if you wish adding another level of personalization to Skyrim that wasn’t there originally.

If you haven’t jumped off the Skyrim bus yet, you should definitely give this a try. It isn’t a huge, meaty DLC by any means, but for 400 points, buying land, building a house with your own two hands and the ability to adopt children are pretty cool additions for addicted adventurers. So go see for yourself, Dragonborn!