Resident Evil: Revelations 2 ‘Episode 3: Judgment’ Review

Only missing the cockroach

Here we go, round three. This episode rubbed me in a different, but nostalgic way. Even more so than the previous two Resident Evil: Revelations 2 episodes. Judgment is also the first time I enjoyed the Claire and Moira portion more than the Barry/Natalia part. With that said though, the Claire and Moira part was way longer than they have been previously. Surprisingly, I was completely engaged this time around.

I’ve started playing as Moira more than Claire. Through upgrading Moira’s crowbar damage and giving Claire the ability to fire while not using her and not losing ammo, there is much more ammo to be had. Sure Claire makes stupid mistakes and takes damage where I probably wouldn’t, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too I suppose.

Alongside with getting more used to just how the game works through minor exploits of the game’s mechanics. Since Moira regens her health on her own (part Wolverine?), she can be used as a target, dummy, suicide unit, etc. Sure I try to dodge enemy attacks but if she takes damage… it doesn’t really matter. I get why the devs did this, but they went a bit too far with it. Even if you’re not trying to exploit these mechanics, which I wasn’t, they will happen if you start using her more than Claire.

Sewer Life

What I really liked about Claire and Moira’s section, was the nostalgic styles of puzzles reminiscent to the original Resident Evil. I’m talking murderous traps, item swaps, and good old fashion weird keys. There are other things I won’t spoil but they are certainly there in full. This part was sectioned off in areas that felt completely different from one another – I don’t know, I was just into it. Give me some mythology references and I’m in.

Now here’s the thing. I’m completely prepared for the ridicule. The writing in this Resident Evil game is… good. There, I said it. The banter between Moira and Claire slowly reveals facts about each other and their feelings. It’s the dialogue between Barry and Natalia that is truly heart wrenching. The writing really exploits the hurt and suffering Barry is going though. Through all four of them, you learn the story of Barry and Moira. Also… the voice acting is good; lots of powerful stuff in this episode.

Barry and Natalia

The Barry and Natalia part is really just more of what you’re used to – just harder. Instead of one horrific invisible tentacle-bug monster, there are three at once and at weird angles. Things like that. For a good part of this section you are sort of separated from one another and have to use those character’s abilities to cover one another. This section of the episode was the most entertaining. The dialogue between the two after all the emotion stuff is actually light banter.

All and all, I really dug this episode. I don’t know if I’m slow  but the Claire and Moira part was roughly about an hour longer than usual while Barry and Natalia were on par with previous episodes. The player gets the sense of the game wrapping up. Lots will have to be covered in the final episode. After all the Kafka quotes, it’s only fitting for the last episode to be called Metamorphosis. We’re only a week away from the climax!