Reel Deal Vegas Casino Experience – PC – Review

Ok, you know you like to gamble,
you do it every time you take a drive, buy sushi, purchase a game you’re not
sure about. Admit it, you love it. And for those gamers who have fully
embraced their gambling side, Phantom has designed and made a gambling game
that should be right up your alley. Like slots? Like Pai Gow? Like blackjack?
Like poker? Face it, if you like any sort of gambling then you are covered, so
let’s get to it.

"Step right up
ere! Get your red hot gambling right ere!"

Taking place in the Phantom EFX
casino, you – the player – are there for one reason, to break the bank. Easier
said then done, the Phantom has a rather large casino floor that features over
25 tables featuring literally every type of card game imaginable. And since
the floor does not feature those dream-world odds, you will be taking out
loans from the cashier as well. But every gambling game I play for some reason
I always find my way to the blackjack table, it’s the barometer, if you will,
that I determine whether or not a gambling game gets it right. Soooooo, let me
tell you that lately I have not been doing well at all at the local casino
(real life), I can’t seem to find my run; every time I begin to win a little,
I up my bets and blam, I lose. So, when I began playing the game’s blackjack,
the same thing was happening. I must have went back to the cashier 10 times, I
owe the casino like $35,000; in other words, this game it totally real, and I
like it. But like any true gambler, I know the only sure bet is to not bet at
all, but where’s the fun in that? Money won is twice as sweet as money earned,
so I switched games, I am now playing…

Roulette! It’s a sexy game that is
often featured in the movies, and the last time I went to Vegas for real, I
actually played quite well and walked away a winner. Here’s my theory, you can
bet if the ball will land in one of three, 12 number sections. If you win, you
get two times your bet, meaning, if you play $100 on two of the sections and
the ball lands in one of those sections, you win two hundred dollars, you lose
the other bet, but come out $100 ahead when you win. Since there is actually
38 numbers (0 and 00 in green) the odds aren’t quite 66% but they are the best
winning odds in just about any game. Back to the game, I began playing
roulette the way I do in real life and sure enough, my bankroll began to
improve, so much in fact that I began actually betting, to hit the numbers.
Playing $25 chips, I would bet around 10-13 spots, and again, I began hitting,
now in roulette, if you hit a number, it’s 36 times your bet. So for a $25
chip, that’s $900 a win. Again, my bankroll was on the upswing so I went back
to blackjack and pretty much lost it all, just like in real life.

"And me without my abacas."

For a $19.99 game, it does a
bang-up job of graphics. Not that you need a superb look to have a nice
looking game, but there is some nice visuals to be had in the games. The
tables clearly look like felt, the roulette wheel has a zoomed in window at
the top for easy viewing, the cards are all clear and easy to see. Even the
casino design is well laid out. You don’t actually see your character walking
around the casino, rather you view it from a 3/4 view and move around looking
at tables. Which too, is fairly easy since all you need to do is place the
cursor over the table and it tells you what game it is. And in a neat move, if
you do happen to play especially well, you can get a suite and actually
furnish it to your liking, playing host to your own tournaments.

It’s a neat little gambling title
and totally worth the price tag. Phantom has done a bang-up job of packing a
ton of variations and games into this title and you can even learn how to play
some of those games that may otherwise be intimidating in real life.

It should be noted that the Reel
Deal casino games are all connected when placed onto the same computer. When
you purchase additional titles in the series, the game is lumped into one
large casino on your computer. Functions that are available on one game appear
to be available on others, but are not (like online play). Please be sure that
the Reel Deal casino game you are looking to purchase has the capabilities you
are looking for. Of course, you could purchase all of them and then not have
to worry about it, but if that is not an option, then please take the time to
examine all of the titles available to find the game that is best for you.

Review Scoring Details for Reel Deal Vegas Casino

Gameplay: 8.6
Totally easy and well laid out.
All card games can easily be picked up and you can set the amount of money you
want to bet from very small to insane amounts. Ever bet $50,000 on a single
hand of 21? It may be fake, but I get excited anyways. You will too.

Graphics: 8.1
The casino floor is pretty well
laid out, there are slots lining the walls and tables spread out all over,
it’s a nice visual experience and the fact you get the bonus mania slot game
makes things even more pleasurable to look at.

Sound: 8.0
It looks good and it sounds good
too, the game does a subtle yet effective job of having those casino sounds in
the background. Cards shuffling, people mumbling, that sort of stuff. And even
though I haven’t heard it since our conversation I swear I heard some people
in the background getting excited over a big win, my wife says I’m crazy. But
if it wasn’t there, then the game did a darn fine job of encapsulating me and
pulling me into the game to the point my mind started hearing things. Can you
hear that? That’s the sound of my sanity getting in a car and driving away.

Difficulty: Medium/Hard
Yeah, the dream setting will get
you the big bucks, but you can’t bring your money over from bonus mania to the

Concept: 8.0
I have certainly played my share of gambling games. This one has it
right, nice setup, plenty of games, good gambling.

Overall: 8.6
Reel Deal is the real deal. It has a ton of games to play and endless
hours of entertainment. You can become a whale (big time player) and really
assert your prestige. I like this title and for the price it simply has my