Q*Bert – GBC – Review

Oh, Boy!  Q*Bert is back and just
as cute and addictive as when I played it on my old Atari!  Uh…uh…I
mean…as when my kids played it on their old Atari.  Yeah, that’s
what I meant to say!  Hehehe!

Hey, this little guy is cute! 
And now he is joined by Q*Dina so you can play with either of them! 
Actually, they both do the same exact things the same exact way but some
people like to play a girl character, you know?

The object of the game is to change
the top color of each cube to a specific target color.  You change
the cube colors by having Q*Bert or Q*Dina hop onto the cubes.  In
the lower levels of the game, you only have to hop your character on a
cube once, but in later levels you will need to hop several times on a
cube to make it change color.

There are two game modes to choose
from when you begin playing.  You can choose Arcade Mode or Adventure
Mode.  Each mode has its own unique game-play levels with a variety
of enemies.

There are 20 levels of play in the
Arcade Mode and the player must successfully change the top color of each
cube in each level.

In Adventure Mode, the player has to
make his way across five different Dimensions of play while trying to change
the top color of each cube.  Some of the levels in this mode contain
several screens of cubes per level.  This is done by having your character
warp between each screen by using the Dimension Warp Cubes that are located
throughout the levels.

You can keep track of your progress
by looking in the Status Area of the Main Game Screen.  This is found
at the bottom of the screen and will show you what the target color is,
your current score, and how many lives you have left.  In Arcade Mode,
you will also see what level you are on.  In Adventure Mode, you will
see how many cubes must be changed before you can advance to the next level.

There are Power-Ups throughout both
modes.  These include the Green Ball, Triplets Characters, Z!LA Character,
A!Bol Character, the Sun, Princess Q*Dina character and the Green Coily

There are Discs scattered about which
will help your character maneuver to different locations within the current

Warps are special cubes that will transport
your character to a completely new screen of cubes within the current level.

There are enemies to avoid during game
play like Purple Coily (a particularly nasty purple snake who will chase
your character everywhere!), Red Ball (keep away from this bouncing ball!),
Ugg (this meanie bounces from one side of the cube to another), Wrong Way
(this idiot also bounces from one side of the cube to another), Slick (this
dude appears in higher levels and changes the color of the cube he lands
on back to the original color;  just run into him to stop him in his
tracks!), and Sam (he acts just like Slick and looks like him, too, except
that he doesn’t have the cool shades that Slick wears).

Ok…alright already!  You want
me to stop talking and hand you the GAMEBOY Color so you can play! 
Geez…you’re just like my kids…and my grandkids!   Just get
your own game and we won’t have to share!


Install: N/A

Gameplay:  9.0.  I
 was truly amazed at way this game handles!

Graphics:  8.0.  
colored cubes go, this game scores very high.  The graphics are really
very good.

Sound:  8.0.  
the music and sound effects are good.

Difficulty:  9.0.  
the bad guys and changing the color of all the cubes is quite challenging
in the higher levels.  Mastering this game will take some practice!

Concept:  9.0.  
can I say?  Hasbro Interactive took an old game and made it better!

Multiplayer:  N/A

Overall:  9.0.  
is “all that…and a bag of chips!”  It is fun, addictive and now
it’s portable!