personal review of black ops 2

hi my name is luca and my gaming name is Drago… i recently got black ops 2 and have found the game to be amazing i rate the game 9 out of 10 due to the fact that i have found only 2 glitches and i was amazed not majour glitches small minour ones that will not affect u and ur campaigne i love the zombi mode and the fact that the zombi mode has a stori line to it and u have to find it out it is chalengeing i start the game again on hardend and it was epick on mw3 i finisht it on hardened in 2 days they are giving me a run for my money even the bots on a local play or co op play for all u n ur friends are epick the bots are beyond what i expected they still off a good chalenge to noobs to the game (no offense noobs) even to me a gamer for 10 years now its my passion.. i have not got the zombi nuke town yet but will soon and will do an up date on the review if u have aney questions u wana ask me or more info plz email me on i love this game with a passion and i strongly recomrnt you get it i have it on xbox was thicking to get it on pc but when it comes to 1st person shooter i do it of xbox first before pc

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i love gaming and thinking of becoming a gamer thats tests game and dezines them i got a ps3 pc a xbox and a wii ask me to test a game il find it and tell u reviews on it