Peripheral Vision: Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Avid MMO players know how often the entire screen can fill up with spells and abilities, which leads to excessive key modifiers that can make playing the game difficult. That's a problem that Logitech’s G600 MMO mouse hopes to rectify. The G600 features 12 side buttons, a third mouse button that acts as a mouse-modifier (allowing the user to have 24 total side buttons), up to 8200 dpi, two buttons on the top for dpi and profile switching, and very good software support.

Now, gamers typically hold their mouse via the Claw or the Palm grip.

Personally, I hold all mice via the claw grip, probably because of the insane amount of FPS & RTS hours I’ve clocked over years. This means I instinctively attempted to use the G600 via the claw grip, which didn’t go very well. While this mouse is a lot bigger than the Razer Naga, I still cannot claw it. In order to have easy access to the side buttons, you need to palm the mouse; while clawing the G600, you will notice it will feel very uncomfortable when you're trying to reach for those side buttons.

I would strongly advise against purchasing a Logitech G600 for solely MMO use if you don’t like palming a mouse. I'm still waiting for a good mouse built and aimed at MMOs to be released for my fellow Claw grip players. Aside from that, though, holding the mouse feels great and the overall finish is also very top-notch. You’ve got lovely high quality plastic on 90% of the mouse, and on the right hand-side where your pinkie finger would rest, you have a little bit of rubber.

Looks awesome in white

As far as aesthetics go, I have to give credit where it’s due, because the Logitech G600 really looks nice in white (black is available) and was very photogenic for the pictures within this review.

Now, I can't forget to mention that this mouse has a third click. That’s right; the G600 features left & right clicks, plus another click on the right hand-side. With the easy-to-use software, you can use this nicely placed mouse button for anything you want. I personally used it as a modifier to change the 12 side -buttons. E.g. 1-12 for normal spells and third-click + 1-12 were for specials/cooldowns. Overall, this was an amazing feature.

Lovely third click

You also have a scroll wheel that has two tilt buttons (left/right), a DPI changer, and even a profile swapper. The profile swapper is particularly awesome, as you can use the software to set up the G600 like this:

  • Profile 1: MMO MODE – 1-12 for spells, third click+1-12 for more spells
  • Profile 2: Standard computer mouse/Internet browsing
  • Profile 3: Photo-editing/video-editing, hotkeys on 1-12 or macros.
  • Profile 4: MMO HARDCORE MODE – even more spells 1-12 + 1-12 via third click.

This is only a tiny example of how many different combinations you can include via the profile swapper. Although take note that you can only have 3 profiles at once, and you can set a different color to each on the mouse so you can tell which profile is active.

Amazing software

Whoa! That’s a lot of different uses for just one mouse!

So how about the software? In the past, Logitech have created some poor software that gave several uses problems. It would appear their new and improved “Logitech Gaming Software” works just fine. I downloaded and installed it, and boom, everything worked instantly. This software even saw my current G700, G600, G400s and even the G430 headset. Basically I could configure all of my Logitech gear without needing to restart the program. To make things even better, I had 3 mice and a headset plugged into my PC at once, and the software worked without a hitch.

stylish no?

Logitech’s G600 MMO Mouse has left me with huge smile. While the palm issue does annoy me, everything thing else is 10/10. It’s not the mouse’s fault that the current designers have not worked out how to create a numpad-type mouse suited for claw gamers. So if you’re looking for a very good mouse for MMOs and you currently palm you mouse, I'd 100%  recommend the G600 over the Razer Naga. The software, the looks, the feel and overall everything’ness described above just put its miles ahead of the Naga.

Therefore, I’m giving the Logitech G600 9.5 out of 10 (the 0.5 deduction is for my fellow claw grippers.)