Namco Museum Megamix Review

Retro video game compilations are often hit-or-miss packages. At times, they provide a number of excellent classic titles with only a few questionable inclusions. And then there are times where there are but a few solid games included in the collection, with the rest of the titles sorely lacking. Namco Museum Megamix is a mixed bag of old-school and modernized games, and while there are a few winners, there are also a number of included titles that hold no value.

Namco Museum Megamix includes six remixed games, but four of these have already been seen before, so there’s not much that’s new here. You can play Pac ‘n’ Roll, Grobda Remix, Pac-Motos, Galaga Remix, Rally-X Remix, and Gator Panic Remix. While all of these games are tolerable, the only ones that stand out are Grobda Remix and Pac ‘n’ Roll. This is due to Grobda’s simple yet enjoyable tank shooting gameplay and Pac ‘n’ Roll’s quirky approach at the standard Pac-Man formula. The rest of the games are decent diversions, but they immediately become boring, even if you have someone else to play with.

Namco Museum Megamix’s saving grace is easily its collection of 18 retro titles. If you enjoy old-school arcade games, then you’re bound to have a good time with the majority of the included classics. You can play Rally-X, Galaga, Dig Dug, Xevious, and even the original Pac-Man, which is still a total blast even after such a long time. Still, not all of the classic games are especially enjoyable either as a few of them don’t hold a candle to when they were originally released.

From a presentational standpoint, Namco Museum Megamix has a nice, charming look to it. The remixed games are vibrant and colorful, but they don’t exactly push any boundaries. Meanwhile the classics remain untouched and have a great old-school look to them. Namco decided to put strange borders around these titles, and this element feels completely unnecessary and is a bit bothersome at first. Generally, old-school purists may have a problem with borders taking up their screen.

The remixes have a decent soundtrack that includes catchy songs as well as a few slightly annoying themes. As expected, all of the retro games have their original music and sound effects. Like everything else about this package, the audio is a mixed bag, with nothing standing out as particularly amazing.

It almost seems as if Namco decided to create a compilation for older and younger gamers with this collection. Old-school arcade fans are bound to have a good time with the 18 classics, but it hardly seems as if the six remixes would appeal to that crowd. While a much younger demographic may have a great deal of fun with the remixed titles and just ignore the retro games.

Namco Museum Megamix isn’t a bad compilation; it’s just simple, safe, and a bit uninspired. With the exception of Grobda Remix and Pac ‘n’ Roll, the remixed games are barely even worth touching. And the only reason to play the 18 classics is if you have a deep fondness for the included games. This is a passable compilation, but it probably won’t appeal to everyone.

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