Lunar Knights – NDS – Review

Do you remember the Boktai games for
the Game Boy Advance? This franchise had a very unique premise because it relied
on a sun senor on the cartridge. Even though this was a highly innovative idea,
in the end it proved very troublesome, because gamers had to be in the sunlight
in order for their characters to be powered up enough to defeat some of the
tougher bosses. Well, the spiritual successor to this game has arrived and it is
entitled Lunar Knights.

Earth has become a very different
place from the world we know. Vampires have taken over with the help of alien
technology called paraSOL. This environmental control system has been used to
block out the sunlight and give the vampires a world where they can roam free
anytime they want. The world has become a very desolate place and people have
the choice either to fight off the vampires or live as their slaves. Two young
boys have decided to defy the vampires and they are trying to rid the world of
them. It is up to you to help them out to defeat the malicious vampires one and
for all.

When you first load up the game you
will be controlling the character Lucian who wields the sword called Vanargand,
which is the dark sword. He only allows his companion, Nero a dark elemental, at
his side who gives him various hints during the game. The thing that makes him
very effective at his job is his ability to change the moonlight into power,
which he uses to destroy any vampires that may come before him.

Later on in the game you will be
able to control another character that goes by the name of Aaron. He is a rookie
gunslinger, who wields the Solar Gun called Knight, which is an heirloom left by
his father. Aaron also has an elemental that is always by his side giving advice
and its name is Toasty, a light element. By using these two very different
characters you will have the power to defeat challenge that comes your way.

One of the biggest benefits to Lunar
Knights is its ability to let players change on the fly who they want to
control. This presents a sense of strategy when you are coming upon various
enemies. Will they be defeated faster by long range guns or by the sword?
Players also can interact with the environment such as opening chests, breaking
crates, and hitting levers that will give you various items that will help on
your journey. As stated earlier, each of the main characters harnesses a special
power from either the moon or the sun. They will be able to use this power to
dash through the levels and to help in attacking enemies. One last thing that
the characters have is a limit break that will do devastating damage to any
enemy it might hit.

After you defeat a boss you will
have to purify it so that it doesn’t regenerate itself. How you do this is
completely different then what you might expect – you seal the creature in a
casket and hop upon your starship and go into space. You then blast past the
enemies and bring the casket to the Interstellar Satellite Sunflower which will
purify the vampire. The little mini game does a great job of breaking up any
repetition as you are going through the dungeons.

The graphics for Lunar Knights are
pretty decent, but I have seen better on the Nintendo DS. This game does not
stray to far from the Boktai series as many things look familiar, but the ante
has been upped due to the Nintendo DS’s powerful hardware. The main change of
pace is the 3D space battles that you will go through; but the only bad thing
about these is that the game appears to suffer from some slow down.

One thing that many people will
appreciate in this game is that it makes use of anime cutscenes all throughout
this game. These scenes really help set the pace for the game and get you pumped
up to do whatever objective lies before you. The only main problem with these
scenes is that while they look really good, the sound seems to falter and not
sound as good as the rest of the game. This is easily forgettable as these
scenes never last for too long.

Even though the sound seems to
falter during the cutscenes, the rest of the game sounds really great. The music
really sets the atmosphere while you are exploring the various dungeons, flying
deep in space, and other locations that you will visit while on your quest. What
makes this game even nicer is the sound effects also fit really well within this
game from the sword slashes to the gun firing, it all fits in.

Lunar Knights also contains a
wireless battle mode where up to four friends can battle it out to see who the
best is. As you play the game you will earn points by defeating the competition.
The player who has the most points at the end of the battle is then declared the
victor. Another extra thing that this game supports is that if you have any of
the previous Boktai games and plug them in to the Game Boy Advance slot you can
use the sun sensor to help you while playing the game. These two additions that
the developers put in really help extend the replay value of the game, and fans
of this franchise will enjoy them.

Lunar Knights is rated Everyone 10+
and contains animated blood, mild fantasy violence, mild language, and mild
suggestive themes.

Review Scoring Details for Lunar Knights

Gameplay: 8.2
The game is really fun to play since you have
the ability to change between two main characters. Another thing that really
helps breakup the repetition is when you are flying up in space to purify the

Graphics: 8.3
Even though the graphics are very similar to the Boktai series, this
game does well enough on its own, due to being on more powerful hardware that
allows more enemies and better special effects. The only bad thing is some
slight slow during the boss battles and while in space.

Sound: 8.6
The music for this game fits it perfectly from crawling through various
dungeons to taking the fight up in deep space. The sound effects that you hear
in this game are also done really well.

Difficulty: Medium
This game has its moments where it will be very easy and other moments
where you will be grinding your teeth as you face off against some of your

Concept: 8.0
Even though the game loses some of its charm due to the lack of the sun
sensor, this game still remains fun to play. Getting to play with two opposite
characters (one with a sword who gets power from the moon and one with guns that
gets power from the sun) really helps this game and prevent repetition.

Overall: 8.4
Lunar Knights is a really fun game for the Nintendo DS. You will have a
blast as you are going though various dungeons trying to rid the world of the
vampires. Having the ability to plug in your old Boktai games for additional
enhancements is also a nice touch that returning players will enjoy.