LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) review: Finally, a game for kids

PlayStation is an interesting brand. Though there have been plenty of platformers, puzzlers, mascots and, just, overall games appropriate for kids on the PlayStation platform, the console over the years — particularly the PS3 (and now PS4) — have a stigma of only being for "hardcore gamers." Sony attempted to change that with the release of Knack as a launch title, but there's an even greater game that can be deemed both fun and kid-friendly: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Just to be clear, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on PlayStation 4 is still the same core game as the Wii U version that we reviewed back in November ( at launch. Save for some graphical improvements and Remote Play, not much changes with the PS4. Core gameplay mechanics remain unchanged, so I won't touch too much on that. The camera at times presents some wonky views and switching between characters remains an annoyance, especially since you are required to do so often to solve puzzles. 

On the whole though, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on PlayStation 4 presents an opportunity to experience the same enjoyable action-puzzle-platforming gameplay with your favorite Marvel characers in adorable LEGO form. And on PS4, they look better than ever. Though some anti-aliasing is still apparent at times, the textures and lighting are slightly better and the draw-distance has been pushed out. The game looks great, but it looked good on the Wii U as well. For a LEGO game, it might be the best looking one I've seen yet.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Perhaps the greatest benefit of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on PS4 is the ability to play using Vita Remote Play. Those of you who own a Vita can now enjoy the full LEGO Marvel experience directly on your handheld, just as you would if playing on the big TV screen. Remote Play also allows for co-op without having to split screen, although one player will be delegated to the handheld screen (at least it's a pretty one!).

Is Remote Play the only reason to get LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on PS4? It's a nice feature, but probably not. What makes it's appearance on PS4 so great isn't the improved graphics, but rather the appropriateness for children. Note, this doesn't mean that the game can't be enjoyed by adults. I had a blast playing it and even got stumped on some puzzles, so there is a challenge here.

On a console filled with shooters like Killzone and Call of Duty, TT Games' LEGO Marvel Super Heroes presents a nice break from the complex sports titles and intense shooters that overrun the console. That's not to say the game doesn't offer it's own action, but it's much less in your face. Plus, it's LEGO.