Kingston HyperX Cloud gaming headset review: pleasantly surprised

When you think Kingston, you probably think of memory, solid slate drives and USB drives. That effectively changed for me once I tried out the Kingston HyperX Cloud gaming headset.

The HyperX Cloud is a gaming headset compatible with PC, PS4, smartphones and tablets – and I've tried it out with each. Boasting comfort via memory foam ear cushions and a leather headband, and superior audio performance, the HyperX delivers on these fronts.

First off, let's talk about comfort. I've review a lot of headsets, and the HyperX Cloud is among the more comfortable ones, easily beating out $200+ headsets like the Turtle Beach Z SEVEN. The memory foam ear cushions are extremely comfortable and built for the long haul. I've been using the headset for at least eight hours a day for over two weeks, and I haven't experienced any discomfort. The same can be said about the leather headband; it has a good amount of give to it, just the right amount of padding, and isn't bulky or heavy. Another good thing about the ear cushions are that they are an over-the-ear, closed-cup design. This helped block out ambient noise, but it bordered on the verge of noise-cancelling – that's how good it is. I even used it on the plane to and from PAX East while sitting right next to the engine (inside… not outside) – didn't hear a thing.

As far as sound is concerned, the HyperX Cloud delivers audio quality above what I'd expect from a $100 headset. The headset features 53mm drivers capable of high fidelity audio. I've used it for movies, gaming and music, and it performed admirably, albeit with a few hiccups. While it can handle mids and highs very well, bass can get a bit lost at times. I wish there was a bit more punch. The HyperX Cloud also comes with a detachable mic, which is pretty standard on a variety of headsets nowadays, that is flexible and stay in the position that you set it to. The headset is also incredibly easy to set up, with 3.5mm plugs for both the mic and headset, and an audio splitter adapter so you can use the headset with the PlayStation 4.

kingston hyperx cloud

For the price, it's surprising that so much comes with the HyperX Cloud. Not only does the headset come with a carrying pouch that conveniently holds all the cables, but it also comes with an audio control box, the aforementioned splitter adapter for the PS4, an extension cable, an airplane adapter, and an extra pair of velour ear cushions – which I didn't care for… they made me feel like I was wearing a Vegas strip club on my ears. But to each their own.

The build of the headset keeps it snug and sturdy, but allows for a fair amount of give and swivel to the ear cups. Aesthetically, the metallic black with the red HyperX logo really pops in comparison to the matte black on the rest of the ear cup, and it's all tied together with the nice black leather head band with red stitching.

For the price, the HyperX Cloud is giving you more bang for your buck than a lot of the higher priced headsets out there. While the in-line control box is no substitute for a dedicated audio control unit, the quality of the headset, its comfort, sound and extras all make for a really great package. Also, I love that it is easy to use and switch back and forth between the PlayStation 4 and PC.

The Kingston HyperX Cloud gaming headset is available now for $99.99.  

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