Kao The Kangaroo Round 2 – GC – Review

Kao is that
cute little kangaroo from the Dreamcast. There wasn’t anything really unique
about the game, but it was a fun and entertaining platformer just the same.
Now Kao has made his debut across the board on the console market, in Kao
Round 2

Barnaba, the
villain from the original game, has captured Kao and his friends to serve him
as slaves. Kao is set free with the help of a parrot, but comes back to help
his friends. And that’s how the story goes, pretty much. Kao ends up in an
area called the Dark Docks that serves as the hub to all the worlds. In each
world, Kao will free his friends and collect items such as powerups and coins.

This is a
straightforward platform game, with tons of items to collect. Kao will race
through each level, collecting things along the way. There are all kinds of
items to pick up, mainly powerups, coins or crystals. The coins are needed to
defeat Barnaba at the end of the game, and the crystals open up bonus levels.
The powerups are varied, but they all look very similar and are hard to tell
apart as Kao races by. Just try to run through everything! One type of
powerups are stars, which are used to upgrade Kao’s skills.

The platform
moves are typical for this genre, but are presented in a varied enough manner
to maintain interest. Trampolines, clouds, ropes and other items shake up the
action a little. There are also levels with different weapons and vehicles.
Some of the vehicles include a snowboard, boat, and rocketships.

The camera
uses many different angles, but most can be manipulated with the control
stick. However, there are a few places where this can’t be done, and the angle
is awkward. Kao sometimes runs into the screen, sometimes sideways, and
sometimes he runs out of the screen, usually when running from enemies in
racing sequences, as in when he runs from an enormous bear.

Action is
the name of the game, and Kao definitely delivers on that front. This game
returns to the basics of platforming, which means Kao spends the majority of
the time racing from one section of the game to another without stopping.
Lively is the best word to describe the gameplay, and gamers will not be
bored. While intense and varied, the gameplay isn’t very difficult, and the
infinite lives take the frustration even out the tricky spots. There are lots
of checkpoints about, and gameplay will resume at the most recent checkpoint
when Kao bites the dust.

Kao has all
sorts of moves, such as jumping, butt-stomping, tail-whipping, and rolling.
These are handled logically and easily through combinations of button
controls. Even I can execute these moves!

The game is
very colorful and bright, and is appealing. Young players will especially
appreciate the way the characters and backgrounds look. The sound is average,
and pretty generic.

Kao the
Kangaroo Round 2

is a fun and lively game, with only a few drawbacks. While all of the elements
have been seen time and again, they are presented well in this package. The
main problem is the ease of play coupled with the shortness of the game, which
means the game can be defeated in just a couple of days of playing. However,
this is a great game for younger players, and is offered at a budget price,
which really makes it an excellent choice for families. Older gamers will
probably be disappointed with the longevity of the game, though, and may be
better off renting it for a weekend romp.

Scoring Details

for Kao the Kangaroo Round 2

Gameplay: 7.5
The gameplay is
exciting and fun.

All the levels
are varied and interesting and there isn’t any time to stop, Kao just has to
go go go!

Graphics: 8.0
The colors and
animations are very good, and will especially appeal to kids.

Sound: 6.0
Nothing special

Difficulty: Easy
The gameplay is
easy, and doesn’t offer much of a challenge to serious gamers.

Concept: 6.0 
Nothing new here,
unless you call going back to the basics new. The presentation is good,

Overall: 7.5
This game is fun
to play. Snootier reviewers may give it a pass as it doesn’t offer much in the
way of innovation or challenges, but it still delivers action-packed
excitement. However, it’s pretty short and there’s not a whole lot of
incentive to replay it after finishing. Best for families with children.