Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius – PC – Review

Have a blast exploring
Retroville and helping Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius rescue his friend Carl from

In this 3-D
action/adventure players accompany Jimmy Neutron and his mechanical dog,
Goddard, as they explore Retroville and other locations to find items that Jimmy
needs to complete his inventions.  The player is given clear and easy objectives
to complete and can maneuver Jimmy and Goddard through the game by using either
the mouse or keyboard.  Once an invention is complete or a special item found,
such as a scooter, or shrink ray, the player is given an opportunity to practice
using it.   The player may also explore areas to pick up other items as well,
such as candy, flowers, or food for Goddard, but this really serves no purpose
other than to give players a higher score at the end of the game.  The
background music is simple and the 3-D graphics lack detail and refinement,
however, they are colorful and well suited to this type of game.

This is a simple, fun and
enjoyable adventure over all, and seems to be best suited for players ages 6 –

Reviewer’s Scoring Details

Install: Easy
Installation is
quick and easy.

Gameplay: 7.0
Clear objectives
are given to player and periodically appear on the screen until completed. 
Exploring is encouraged and is one of more fun aspects of the game.  The player
can practice using the various items any time after they are found, and the game
controls and inventory items are easy to use and access.  The downside is that
the game lacks replay ability and there doesn’t seem to be any benefit or
purpose in trying to obtain a high score.

Graphics: 6.5
Although this
isn’t a visual masterpiece, the 3-D graphics are colorful and seem to be
adequate for this type of game.

Sound: 6.5
The character
voices are clear, but the music is simple and repetitive.

Difficulty: 7.0
The game
objectives are rather easy with the exception of the final objective, which
seems to be far more challenging than the rest.  The player is given a tutorial
and opportunities to practice using the different items that are found within
the game.  The overall level of difficulty seems appropriate for the age range
that it is intended for. 

Concept: 7.0 
The idea of being
given objectives and the variety items that can be used to complete them, help
set this game apart from other 3-D adventure games.

Multiplayer: N/A

Overall: 7.0
Even though it’s
rather simple and easy, Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius is good, plain fun.