It’s Pretty Fun to Smash Wall Street With a Huge Robot.

This game is pretty fun overall. The first level seems to be just a tutorial and feels pretty slow and had quite a bit of down time there. But it picks up quick in the second level. At first Wall Street Titan seems like a "smash stuff as quick as you can" type of game, and even though the tutorial level warned me to watch my "fist meter" I was frustrated because I wasn't able to do much damage with each tap and was unable to survive long when tanks started rolling in. But after consciously slowing myself down and keeping an eye on the meter the game got much more satisfying and I found myself waiting and strategically placing my blows to maximize the carnage! Throwing people and cars around doesn't seem to drain your power as much and I found doing this to be tons of fun, I believe tossing stuff and swatting them around while they're in the air boosts your score too. Overall I really like Wall Street Titan. It's audio and graphic style are well polished, with humorous little touches that made me chuckle. It's touchscreen controls are pretty darn responsive compared to some games I've played. The game does seem a little short, and because it's a little light on story, it's staying power is driven mostly by attaining achievements in game and within game center as well as gathering the highest scores possible. I'd buy this game again as it's great for those times where you've got a couple minutes at a time to spare.