Hello Kitty Bubblegum Girlfriends – PC – Review

Hello Kitty has been around for a
long time. While never hugely popular, the simply drawn character with its
pastel themes has maintained a loyal fan base through the years, and also
appeals to young girls today. Not a mean feat, considering there are no TV or
movie tie-ins to help sell the merchandise.

The last couple of years has seen a resurgence of Hello Kitty
items, with a few offerings from the gaming industry. Hello Kitty Bubblegum
is a children’s software program, featuring eight different
arcade-style games. The games include variations of Tetris and Breakout, plus
racing, shape sorting and matching type games. Bubble Gum Taxi is a fun version
of Tetris, which involves picking puzzle pieces off a conveyor belt, then
placing them in a grid to eliminate lines of blocks. When a row of blocks
becomes completely filled, it disappears. If all the blocks can be eliminated,
then a picture is revealed. Crazy Cookie Race is another fun activity that has
players hurrying to match the cookie shapes on the conveyor belts, fill up the
ingredients in the mixing bowl, and place the decorated cookies in the correct
boxes, all at the same time! Sky Bubble Popper is a matching game where players
shoot colored bubbles next to the matching colored bubbles that are coming out
of a machine to pop three or more in a row, and Cup Cake Trampoline is a really
cute version of Breakout with a squirrel as the ball.

There are eight games in all, and most are exceptionally
well-designed and engaging. A couple of the activities aren’t quite as good as
the others, such as Rainbow Garden, where players have to grab and shoot
matching snails to clear the rows; the problem is that the rows begin too far
down, which means that the snails reach the bottom much too quickly. Beach
Bubble Frenzy could also have used a slightly better design. Hello Kitty is in a
float in the water, and must shoot at different beach items in the water, while
avoiding hazards. Kitty moves and shoots with the same mouse click, so shooting
at an item means Kitty also moves toward the item, and can run into a hazard on
the way. But, for the most part, these games are varied and interesting, much
more so than many like collections for this age group.

With the Hello Kitty theme, this program will appeal to young
girls more than boys, but boys will still enjoy playing their sister’s copy. A
great addition to any family’s software library, and one that will have staying
power and lots of replayability.

Review Scoring Details for Hello Kitty Bubblegum

Gameplay: 8.0
A really fun and amusing collection of arcade games. There is nothing
educational in this package, but just-for-fun games are fine, too.

Graphics: 7.0
The graphics are typical Hello Kitty, and are well-drawn, but there isn’t a
lot of animation or special affects.

Sound: 7.0
The music and sound affects are pretty average, but at least the tunes
aren’t annoying.

Difficulty: Medium
The games range in difficulty from easy to a medium difficulty. None are
very hard.

Concept: 7.0
All of these type games have been done mucho times before, but these are better
designed than most for this age group.  

Overall: 8.0
A great collection of arcade games for young girls ages 5-10. No violence or
other negative themes, just Hello Kitty and her friends. A good value for the
money, and one that will appeal to different ages under 10.