gbaSKIN – GBA – Review

Ever wanted to have an American
Flag-covered Game Boy Advance?  How about one that features characters from the popular anime
series, Dirty Pair?  Or perhaps you’re looking for one that resembles the SNES controller.  Whatever
your style is, your dreams can finally be a reality, thanks to gbaMOD, the makers of gbaSKIN. 
gbaSKIN is a thin paper cover for Game Boy Advance.  There are over 60 different designs, with more
being added all the time!  If none of the designs offered are what you’re looking for, you can visit
the company’s Web site and post a request in their

Skin Design Request Forum

Sonic is one of the many designs offered
by gbaMOD.

If you’re concerned about
covering your Game Boy with a gooey sticker that’s going to cause more trouble than it’s worth, I
understand.  I used the SNES stickers that came in Nintendo Power Magazine several years ago, and my
controllers have not felt the same since.  gbaSKIN is different.  The skins are not very sticky at
all, so while they do adhere to your system, they won’t leave a gooey residue if you decide to take
them off.  In fact, the gbaSKINs are intended to be applied and reapplied at your leisure.

I’ll bet you can figure out which game
inspired this skin!

As I said before, these skins
are very thin.  Most controller/system skins have a hard feel, and some of them tend to add bulk to
the grip.  Even a little bulk can be a pain when you’re used to playing with a certain size.  That’s
not a problem here though.  The gbaSKINs add absolutely no grip to the system, and will not hinder
your gameplay experience in any way.

This is one of the skins I received for
review.  Very nice, isn’t it?

The price is right, too.  Each
gbaSKIN retails for a measly $4 – but after purchasing three of them, you can get additional skins
for only three dollars.  If that doesn’t have “stocking stuffer” written all over it, then I don’t
know what does!

I can still hear the theme from
Super Mario Bros. in my head…

A full list of the gbaSKINs can
be found at