GamePak for Sony PlayStation

Travel with your Sony Playstation 2 in style!

The phone rings, you pick it up and it is one of your friends asking you the dreaded question: Can you bring over your Playstation 2 (or any other console that you have, that they don’t own)? I bet everyone has been in this situation at least one point in their life. Here are a few reasons why I hate taking any of my consoles over to a friend’s place: it is hard make sure I bring everything, I don’t have a suitable transportation device, and it is not convenient. Lasr Accessories decided to take it upon themselves to create a device that makes consoles easy to transport, while having a sleek look. The waiting is over: the GamePak has now been unleashed upon the gaming world, and it will never be the same!

One of the best features about the GamePak is that it doesn’t have any logo on it except their company logo. This was a smart move and helps prevent thievery; because it makes it look like that this backpack does not carry an expensive piece of electronic equipment.

The backpack is really comfortable when it is fully loaded with all of my gear. I made sure that every slot had something in there, and the pack did not put a great amount of pressure on my shoulders or on the handle (if you prefer to carry it that way). The GamePak has a placeholder for two memory cards, the Playstation 2, and eight games with manuals. I also fit all of my AV cables, two controllers, and even more games in the two other pockets it has. I was surprised by how much room is offered in this backpack, I can fit everything that I need for my PS2 to run, plus tons of other things.

One of the things that I thought this product would have problems with is, whether or not there is any ventilation for the system? The answer to that is: yes. At the bottom of the bag there is a small pouch opened by means of a zipper. Once unzipped there is a huge area where your power and AV cables hook up to your TV, and this also offers a way for your system to get the necessary air to keep it from over heating.

Another thing that needs to be pointed out is how secure your PlayStation 2 will be once you place it in the Pak. Never fear since your console will remain tightly secure with tons of padding. To hold it in place there are Velcro straps and an outer zipper. If that wasn’t enough, there are also two click-in straps to make sure your precious PlayStation 2 will not fall out of this bag.

You can purchase the PlayStation 2 GamePak at Lasr Accessories website:

This product makes traveling with your Playstation 2 extremely easy. The backpack is extremely comfortable, roomy, sturdy, and looks really nice.

The only con to this product that it wasn’t released sooner!

Verdict: 9.6
If you take your Playstation 2 anywhere, this is the best way to do it. The backpack has lots of room for lots of games and any accessories you might have. With this much attention to detail, gamers can tell that Lasr went the extra mile to make all of their clients extremely happy, and I can say that it has worked! Bottom line: this is the best product on the market for the transportation of your console, order one now, because you will not regret it.