Game of Thrones: Episode 3 ‘The Sword in the Darkness’ Review

I kicked the sh*t out him...

With Episode 3: The Sword in the Darkness released, we’re now officially halfway through Telltale’s 6-part Game of Thrones series. And while things slowed down a bit in episode two, the series picks back up in The Sword in the Darkness, throwing in new wrinkles and twists that not only make for added intrigue but finally set forth the wheels of motion.

Like Episode 2, The Sword in the Darkness once again kicks off with a bang, putting us in control of the cocky, swashbuckling sellsword Asher Forrester who is currently traveling to Mereen with his mercenary friend, Beskha, and his uncle, Malcom, in hopes to acquire a sellsword army.


Asher’s journey throughout Episode 3 was easily my favorite. Through the action sequences you’re presented with, you’re forced to make decisions that ultimately determine where your version of the character’s priorities lie — do you put the needs of your family, represented by Uncle Malcom, first, or do you side with longtime friend and trusted mercenary Beskha? For the record, I chose Beskha; aside from a conversation with Uncle Malcom, in which he was very understanding, there were no real noticeable consequences.

Back at Ironrath, things continue to get worse for the Forresters. It’s here where you take control of the still injured Rodrick as he’s basically walked all over by the Whitehills. This time it’s Lord Whitehill’s even more hostile son Griff doing the bullying, and for most of the episode you’re practically forced to take the abuse. It’s incredibly frustrating the entire time, but makes for a very redeeming end should you make the same choices I made. More important than possibly standing up for yourself and your family, a piece of intriguing information is shared from a new source, which certainly increases the potential for intrigue. While the topic is briefly talked about in this episode, we’ll have to wait until Episode 4 before fully addressing the big mystery.

GoT Episode 3 The Sword in the Darkness

At the Wall, Gared Tuttle, squire of Lord Gregor Forrester, finally joins the Night’s Watch. However, it doesn’t take long for things to get interesting as the mystery of the North Grove starts to take shape. Although Gared finally has purpose in the story, most of his time on screen in Episode 3 is spent dealing with Finn and Cotter. Some interesting revelations are made during this episode and the decisions you make set the tone for an intense next episode. Like Rodrick, Gared also has a very satisfying ending.

And lastly, there’s Mira at King’s Landing. Desperately trying to secure help for her family back at Ironrath, Mira quickly finds herself on just about everyone’s wrong side as most of her screen time is spent spent balancing the relationships with Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, and Margaery Tyrell. As if the tension at King’s Landing wasn’t already great enough, things get even more complicated when a certain wedding ends in a certain someone being poisoned.

GoT Episode 3 The Sword in the Darkness

At this point, just about everything that can go wrong is going wrong for House Forrester; but, Episode 3: The Sword in the Darkness allows for some redemption and righteous revenge — both a rare for Game of Thrones. Following a disappointing Episode 2, The Sword in Darkness puts Telltale’s Game of Thrones back on track and sets the stage for an intriguing second half.