FIFA Soccer 10 – WII – Review

you just have to play a sports game for the pure joy of it and forget about the
realistic side of the sport. The FIFA 10 release for the Wii combines some pure
arcade elements wrapped around some of the more exciting elements of the sport
to give up a game that will certainly not seat itself in the real world, but
will provide enjoyment nonetheless.

GameZone saw the game over the summer, it was treated to a fast-paced contest
that knew when to go into slow motion to highlight great shots or great saves.
There was the Wii-mote waggling at key moments to drives some of the action, but
the game – in spite of the 11-versus-11 games – had a very arcade feel. When it
comes to this particular SKU of the FIFA video-game license that is a very good

FIFA Soccer
10 on the Wii may seem barebones when it comes to the modes of play offered. Hit
the Pitch is the Wii version of instant play, and Battle for Glory passes as the
season mode. There is also a tournament mode for those who wish to battle
through a league championship series. The game also sports a plethora of teams
and leagues, so those looking for action as their favorite team from the English
Premiere leagues, or the Bundesliga should have no problem.

Many of the
changes implemented in this game were the direct result of fan input. Player
movement has been improved dramatically and the control reaction time has been
tightened up markedly. There are three ways to control the game: You can use the
Wii-mote alone, in concert with the nunchuk or in the classic controller setting
(basically you eliminate the advantages of the Wii controllers and go with a
more stock control set). While classic is fine, the nunchuk addition provides
greater control range over the players and action.

As with any
game from EA Sports that allows players to work through a season, there is the
opportunity to improve your team’s abilities and actually become more skilled in
set areas. When you begin a match, you are asked to pick three areas for
improvement. As you play through a match, if you complete the tasks associated
with those areas you will receive stat boosters. Failure to complete the tasks
means that the stats in the chosen areas decrease. Points can also be earned to
open new booster packs for stat improvements in key areas. While this may sound
a bit convoluted, it actually is rather intuitive and works nicely in the
context of the game.

Another area
where improvements have been made is in the multiplayer. The online experience
has received attention and two-versus-two gameplay has been added to the mix.
And that means that two people on one console can play online against two people
on another console. That should make for some robust gaming sessions and
first-rate online games.

The game
also sports a new visual style, which borders on a more arcade-like look. And
the crowds get much more into the game, reacting to action much more.

While the
game does not have the depth of the other consoles, it is not a bad title and
the gameplay is decent. FIFA Soccer 10 is not what every FIFA fan will want –
especially those craving more realism in their game – but it does provide a nice
bit of entertainment in the world of soccer and might actually have a broader
appeal among those seeking a fun way of enjoying the sport with friends.

Scoring Details for FIFA Soccer 10

Gameplay: 7.5
The game controls
well but the lack of gaming modes may be of some consternation to those seeking
a more robust experience.

Graphics: 8.0
The game sports a
more arcade-like visual style, going with the slow-motion animation for hot
shots, but it all works well together and provides an entertaining visual

Sound: 7.0
Martin Tyler and
Andy Gray are superb as the commentators, but the musical score is lacking.

Difficulty: Medium

Concept: 7.0
A lot of
improvements have been made to the Wii portion of the franchise, but the overall
game options, in terms of playable modes, seems a little bit on the skimpy side.

Multiplayer: 7.5
same-console action and online play is fine as well.

Overall: 7.2
It would have
been nice to have more modes of play, but what is offered here is an improved
over previous Wii iterations. Still, for a nice arcade-like take on the FIFA
franchise, this Wii version does a nice job.