Dungeon Lords Collector’s Edition – PC – Review

Collectors’ editions are
often the last great hurrah of a video game. The game itself my have been out
for some time, sales are slowly dwindling, and the developers will put out one
last installment to try and reach the last corners of their audience before it
fades away. There might be extra materials, larger manuals, or other goodies but
the game itself is largely unchanged. Fortunately the collectors’ edition of
Dungeon Lords is not one of these. The developers have added a wealth of new
content to the game. New quests, new items, new spells, and additions to the
storyline help bring the world of Dungeon Lords to new heights of fun.


The first benefit to the
game is the inclusion of previous patches in the installation. Everything that
has been done to alter the game is already included, including balance fixes and
content additions. This saves a lot of time spent downloading patch after patch
and then installing them individually. New players will be able to dive right in
immediately and enjoy the rich game world. With the patches comes new content
that adds to the already diverse world. There are literally hundreds of quests
to run, characters to interact with, or powerful artifacts to find in the
original game. With the new additions to the game the depth and breadth is
increased by quite a bit.

Equally impressive is that
the new content and features live up to the high standards of the original game.
Unlike other titles, where patches or expansion packs have fallen from grace, it
is difficult to tell which items or quests are new unless you have played an
older version of the game. The graphics and sound have the same ambience and
bring the same feel to the game. The new content adds to the game, but doesn’t
fundamentally change or expand the game beyond its original design.


With the attention given to
balancing various skills and items the multiplayer atmosphere is much less
stressful for hardcore gamers. There’s less of a difference in overall power
between different character types. With more quests to explore, gamers will have
hours of fun re-playing their favorite sections of the game. The original title
was extremely fun to explore with a friend. With the additional content it is
even more enjoyable.

The collector’s edition
doesn’t contain much beyond the original packaging. The tin collector’s case is
an easy way to keep everything in the same spot, much smaller than the original
larger packaging. The standard map is included along with an expanded manual
detailing some of the additions to the game. Beyond that there isn’t anything
new included with the packaging.


Dungeon Lords was a solid,
fun game when it was first released. The collectors’ edition brings together all
the patches and updates, complete with a wealth of new content. New quests wait
to be attempted, new items wait to be uncovered. With the careful attention to
class balance that the developers have used the game is also more fun to play
with your friends online. In the end new players should definitely purchase the
collector’s edition if they have the chance. Older players might not feel the
need to buy the extended edition.

Review Scoring Details

Dungeon Lords Collector’s Edition



The solid foundation from Dungeon Lords is preserved in the expanded version.
While the score might be lower than the base game it is only because Dungeon
Lords started out innovative and interesting. It set the bar high. The expanded
content is just as interesting, but does not bring a great deal of innovation to
the existing framework of the game.

The expanded
content is solidly grounded in the graphical world of Dungeon Lords. Not a lot
has changed, but there have been some minor tweaks. It takes some looking to
find those improvements. The new content has the same high quality as the
original material.

Sound: 7.2
The new sounds introduced are a bit better than the original game. Its hard to
notice at some times, and at others the increase in quality is a nice touch.

Difficulty: Medium / Hard
The new quests are designed for all levels of experience, but Dungeon Lords
remains a very fast-paced game. Mistakes can be costly, even fatal at times.
Steady nerves and patience can be powerful weapons to defend yourself with.



The developers have taken the time to improve upon their game, fixing balance
issues and small problems that had irritated the fan base. It is very refreshing
to see a developer spend so much effort paying attention to the fans.



With the addition of new quests there’s more content to explore with your
friends. Some of the interface changes make adventuring in a group a bit easier,


New players should definitely get the collectors’ edition over the base Dungeon
Lords game. The ease of installation is a nice. Players who have the original
version might not miss out on anything, but I’d keep an eye out for this if it
ever came up on sale.