Dragon Age: Origins – Return to Ostagar Review – PC – Review

What we see in this DLC content is no real strong story elements; instead players should be on the lookout for loot. And why not; this DLC has some of the strongest loot in the game. But is this DLC worth your purchase and time? Set before the final battle, players run across a message in a forest after being attacked by Dark Spawn. After defeating them creature, it tells you why it’s out wandering the forest — thus, the story begins.

The premise is to search for scrolls in Ostagar that shine light onto Loghain's treachery, and so begins the player's quest. To be honest, the scrolls are capable of being found within five minutes, which at this point players can freely leave with no chance of returning. But if they look around the environment, they'll catch a glimpse of a Dark Spawn that flees from the party.

And that’s essentially all the story to be found here besides the spoilers that I'll save you from learning about before experiencing it yourself.

To complete the DLC, it took roughly 30 minutes and it felt far too easy, although I was about level 18 at the time. A lower level should make it more difficult and moderately expand the length.

To give credit to the DLC, there is an epic conclusion to it, which in turn, drops some of the best loot in the game. It's definitely more entertaining, longer and cheaper than The Stone Prisoner, even though Shale was a brand new party member to recruit.

So is this DLC crucial to any of the story? No. If you don’t have enough money for Awakening this would be a good choice, but now that Awakening has been released, you’ll probably be better off with that than this.