Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition): Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set review

The real reason to buy this game

With Disney and Avalance Software's heavy focus on the Marvel universe with this year's Infinity 2.0, it's no surprise that we got Play Set based on one of the best Marvel movie to date. However, Guardians of the Galaxy also happens to easily be the best Play Set available, offering the biggest variety in setting, characters and overall gameplay.

Guardians doesn't rehash the story of the movie, instead, it creates its own, that most likely takes place after the events of the movie. With your crew established, your ship ready for adventure, you set out to Knowhere, now operated by Cosmo the dog. There you'll undertake various missions for Cosmo, the Collector and even Yondu.

Of the three Play Sets, it's easy to see why Guardians happens to be the best one, aside from the fact that both Avengers and Spider-Man take place in the same location. A lot of that has to do with the fun platforming elements. Knowhere is a joy to explore, unlike the entirety of Manhattan. It's expansive, made up of a few key areas. Some are made up of pure platforming segments, while others are more open, and allow you to summon miniature ships to fly around in. 

Each quest giver also has their own themed missions. For example, the Collector is all about… well, collecting. He'll send you out on missions to collect exotic aliens and bring them back to him. On the other hand, Yondu is more about the combat, and through his and Cosmo's missions, you'll get to experience the bulk of the action.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Which brings me to the characters. If you ask anyone who has seen the movie, chances are that their favorite characters are Rocket or Groot. That totally translates into the game as well. Rocket might be missing out on melee capabilities, but makes up for it with his two upgradeable blasters. Groot on the other hand is a melee powerhouse with some truly awesome special abilities. Starlord and Gamora are pretty balanced, having both melee and ranged capabilities. Drax, well, I didn't really care for him in the movie, so I honestly played him the least in Infinity.

Disney should have packed Guardians of the Galaxy as the game's base set. However, it's understandable that they might have been apprehensive. After all, everyone knows the Avengers. Even my 2 year old daughter recognized Iron-Man. Not to mention Guardians of the Galaxy released the same month that Disney Infinity 2.0 did, so perhaps there was no time to gauge the popularity of the movie.

Given how great the Guardians Play Set it, it really shines light on how uninspired the other two Play Sets are. The first Disney Infinity had some really great variety to its gameplay with each and every Play Set, and it seems like with Disney Infinity 2.0, the focus was more on the action.

If Disney Infinity 2.0 is on your wishlist this year, do yourself a favor and add the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set to it. It's a mandatory addition to the package, one that you'll easily have the best time with, regardless of whether you've seen the movie or not.

Reviewed on PlayStation 4