Disney Infinity 2.0 Yondu, Ronan, Green Goblin review

Bring on the bad guys!

Three new villains have recently been released for Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition. Coming from Guardians of the Galaxy are Yondu and Ronan, while joining us from Spider-Man is Green Goblin. All three feel pretty unique are are good editions to the game, especially Yondu and Ronan (I'm a little biased). The cool thing about these new villains is that they have some pretty unique skills, and they are playable in their related Play Sets, not just the Toy Box.

First up is Yondu, the blue alien Reaver from Guardians of the Galaxy, Yondu. He's my favorite out of the three new characters. The figure looks killer, with an awesome paint job. In the game, he has some awesome animations and a nice flurry of quick punches and combos. But the real thing that's sets him apart from others is his memorable weapon from the movie that moves with a whistle — his arrow. His arrow, serving as his ranged attack, bounces off enemies, ricochets, gets the ability to stun, and is great for farming large groups of enemies. His special is Ravager Rampage; it sends out a volley of arrows, dealing high damage to targets surrounding Yondu… and it's awesome. He also gets a super jump for movement. His ranged attacks are so cool and can do a lot of damage later, so I definitely recommend going that route.

Next up is the main baddie from Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan. Ronan is a force to be reckoned with in melee, can shoot energy blasts from his hammer, and has a stealth mechanic. His Universal Weapon has some great animation effects, particularly when he slams it down. His regular melee hammer attacks are fluid and fun to watch, and they pack a punch. The only downfall of Ronan is that his special attack feels a little out of place. His special, Cloaking, has him cloak and allows him to do a lot of attacks while cloaked. I only found it useful if you're overwhelmed by enemies. Other upgrades in his skill tree let you charge up your ranged attacks and unlock some powerful melee combos. Again, the details on this figure are great.

The third villain figure is Green Goblin from the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. He's a big figure, a fierce fighter and has some nice ranged attacks with his pumpkin bombs, which explode after a delay, but explode immediately if you hit a foe and not the ground. He's quite balanced whether you're performing melee or ranged attacks, and he gets a nice glow effect when you charge up a ranged attack, and the explosion effects are really good. His special attack, Electric Glove, shoots out a lightning blast from his hand, damaging enemies in its path. It's bright and powerful. I personally like his skill tree ability that lets him regenerate health the most. If you upgrade him bombs with Bola Bombs, they fly faster at enemies and deal more damage. The thing that really brings Green Goblin down is that he doesn't have his glider; he has a super jump instead. The ONE THING I associate Green Goblin with is his glider, so not having that really stinks. 

Overall, these villains are really awesome, and it's great that Disney has so many options for the types of characters — be it heroes or villains — that people want to play as.