Dark Souls 2: Video Review

Deadly knights, unrelenting hollowed soldiers and more horrors than you can shake a sorcerers wand at. Get ready for the next installment of the greatest most frustrating game in the world. Where the only place you are safe is here in the description. No one can get us h-


As a player, I feel the game has done an exquisite job in making me feel like I am actually going hollow at certain points. Dying after restoring your humanity is that much more frustrating in Dark Souls II. As you die over and over again and your total health keeps decreasing as a result, you start questioning if you’ll ever make it. You stop caring about individual deaths. Nothing matters. Would it be better to risk using another Human Effigy just to lose it right away, or should you just quit and go hollow? This is the heart of Dark Souls II, and something you can’t answer until you experience it yourself.

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