Crayola Teasure Adventures – NDS – Review


Treasure Adventures harkens back to the early days of children’s software and
multimedia games. It’s essentially a coloring game, with other activities like
connect the dots and jigsaw puzzles thrown in. It used to be that reviewers
would decry these types of children’s games and give them a low rating for a
lack of new or innovative features. However, I have begun to feel some
nostalgia for plain old-fashioned coloring and puzzle games, especially after
playing many of the badly designed games for young children that are flooding
the markets these days. There is something to be said for solid but simple
activities that young children can enjoy and play easily. However, sadly,
Crayola Treasure Adventures doesn’t quite reach
its potential due to some stylus issues with the coloring activities, which is
the main aspect of the game.


On start-up, children can either choose to play the adventure mode, or the
coloring book. At first, only a few coloring pages and crayons are available,
but more will be unlocked as the adventure is played. At the end of the game,
there will be a total of 110 pictures and 120 crayons.  The adventure mode is
played in a linear fashion by completing mini-games through three main levels.
These games are either puzzles, connect the dots, or coloring activities. They
are all played with the stylus on the touch screen. The games themselves are
fun enough, but suffer from a problem with the sensitivity of the stylus. The
coloring activities are timed, and often the pressure of the stylus just
doesn’t register very well. And, if the stylus isn’t taken off the screen and
placed back on for new areas, many times it won’t register at all.

The puzzles are typical jigsaw puzzles where kids drag the pieces to the
correct position. These puzzles are the same every time they are played. The
connect-the-dots are simply connect-the-dots activities.


The coloring pages in the coloring book are pretty cool, and there a ton of
different crayon colors to use by the end of the game. If the stylus worked
correctly, this would a good game for young children who like to color.
However, again, the stylus pressure and sensitivity doesn’t function as
expected. Often the colors won’t register, usually when the stylus isn’t
picked up and placed again for new areas. As this is the main part of the
game, it is a problem. If parents do get this game for the kids, they need to
have them be sure to take the stylus off the screen for each new area.
Best for the very young.

Review Scoring Details



Treasure Adventures

Gameplay: 6.0


gameplay is adequately fun, but could have been
better if the stylus possessed a greater touch sensitivity.

Graphics: 7.0


colors for the coloring activities are bright and colorful, and the graphics
for the other activities are good enough, but nothing spectacular.

Sound: 7.0


music is average, but at least not annoying.

Difficulty: Easy


game is very easy, as it is basically coloring.

Concept: 6.0


concept of a coloring game is fine, but the implementation is less than

Overall: 6.0
I like
simple activities, and still remember all the fun my 17-year old had with the
Lion King Activity Center on the PC when she was 6. This game was basically a
collection of simple matching puzzles and coloring pages, but she really loved
it. So, I was ready to enjoy Crayola Treasure
Adventures. However, the stylus issues detract from the overall enjoyment.
It’s not much fun to keep rubbing away with no colors showing for all the
effort. However, very patient children can still enjoy this game if they are
shown they need to pick up the stylus for each new coloring space and that
they may need to press harder when coloring.