Commandos 3: Destination Berlin – PC – Review – PC – Review

The Commandos series has
been thought of as the tactical strategy treasure always one step ahead of
everyone else.  Pyro Studios, developer of all three, does it again in Commandos
3: Destination Berlin.  They have kept many aspects of the game intact which has
made its predecessors famous, but have also given it more action oriented game


In the heat of World War
II, the commandos must prepare for their deadliest mission yet.  The Third Reich
has deeply entrenched itself in France and there seems to be nothing to stop the
German war machine…except you.  Using a small special forces team, you will
infiltrate hostile territories and suppress the Nazi power any means necessary.


Whether you’ve played C1
and C2 or not, Commandos 3 meets the demand for veterans and newcomers.  There
are 3 main campaigns:

Stalingrad, Central Europe and Normandy.  Each offers its own

unique strategy and story and I really
enjoyed the option of choosing the order in which to play them.  One of the
first things that you’ll notice when playing is how difficult the game really
is.  This varies between improved enemy AI and harder missions.  I had many
failed attempts but I quickly learned from them.


The game play, outside of
the additional action, is much the same as its predecessors.  This isn’t
necessarily a bad thing because its much easier to pick up without having to use
the tutorial before playing.  There are 6 characters that you will be able to
control in each of the 12 missions:  the Diver, the Sniper, The Allied Spy, the
Green Beret, the Demolitions Expert, and the Thief.  Not to much of a surprise,
each character offers the standard abilities of everyone else such as gun
wielding, grenade throwing, and car driving, but also brings a special skill
along for the ride.  For example, the Green Beret is the only character that can
sneak up from behind an enemy and take them out with a knife.


I have to be honest, I
hate stealth combat.  My idea of a good game is going out in a blaze of fire. 
Fortunately, Commandos 3 satisfies both preferences by focusing more on action
and tactical planning.  One thing that also added to the spice was enemy bombing
raids that destroy anything in its blast radius.  This makes you think on your
feet, always changing your approach.


Multiplayer is also back,
offering 12 player head-to-head action.  There are two new modes, deathmatch and
capture the flag.  Though I enjoyed the experience of playing with others,
finding a server was harder than rummaging through your cereal box looking for
that sticker prize.  It will offer the option to install GameSpy arcade.  If you
don’t already have it, there is really no other option outside of LAN.


Now what we have all been
waiting for…the graphics.  Everything was pleasing to the eye, from the units to
the interior and exterior environments and maps.  Camera position allows you to
get better perspectives of the situation though some may complain that it can be
a little awkward.  I couldn’t have asked for a better weather and day/night
system, which added incredible reality to the game.  Also, I can’t stress enough
how detailed this game is, neglecting the fact that the highest resolution it
offers is 800×600.  Sound is also outstanding, bringing the familiar sound of
impending doom and rising hero.  The voices were ok but I was hoping for more. 
Sound FX was also ok though with such a game like this, there should be no


There is no doubt about
it, Commandos 3 is a must have for anyone who appreciates the art of tactical
strategy.  The general package left a taste of blood in my mouth, and I couldn’t
be more satisfied.


Reviewer’s Scoring Details

Gameplay: 9.0

Much similar to the other games,
Commandos 3 focuses more on action than stealth combat which may or may not be
what you are looking for.  It’s still incredibly solid.

Graphics: 8.9

Wide enough to see a beautiful
explosion, but detailed enough to see the snowflakes in the air.

Sound: 8.5

The music was ambient, but I’d like
to see more in the sound FX category.

Difficulty: Hard

I’m not going to lie to
you, this game may cause you to lose sleep at night.

Concept: 9.0

Taking out some Nazis, one kill at a time.


Multiplayer: 8.0

Give us easier server selection and
its an 8.5.

Overall: 8.9

Commandos 3 is definitely worth
checking out, whether you have played the original before or not.