Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike – PC – Review

A few years into the most desperate struggle
in the history of mankind, and with the conflict focused around the
Mediterranean, the Pan Asian Coalition (PAC) seizes the chance to claim the
undefended natural resources beneath the ice of mainland Europe. By the time the
EU is aware of their presence, the enemy is firmly entrenched in the continent’s
harsh ice fields, among abandoned city ruins and soaring mountain peaks. Only
fierce close-quarters infantry battles along claustrophobic city streets and
narrow rocky passes will eject the PAC forces from their well-defended positions
and push them back towards the sea.

Three new maps in a snowy Artic like setting are included in the booster pack.
Port Bavaria – is set high in the Alps the EU uses launch pods to assault a PAC
Titan docking harbor. Bridge at Remagen, the scene for one of WWII’s major
battles, is once again the setting for intense battles as both sides fight to
secure the bridge. Finally, night has fallen when the EU launches their assault
on the city in the Liberation of Leipzig.  All three maps are nicely
detailed and quite large in size.  These new areas do provide a more in
depth game and are a blast to play. They are catered to a more infantry style of
combat but there are a couple of new vehicles that provide just enough mix.

Battlefield fans will not only enjoy new maps, but new weapons, unlocks, awards,
vehicles, and a new game mode.  The new game mode is called Assault Lines. The
idea is that the attacking army now has to conquer all control points before
taking the enemy’s main base.  It may sound a bit easy or not much
different than conquest but it’s a bit tricky now that the attacking army must
defend the other control points while attacking the enemy’s home base. The PAC’s
new vehicle is the Hachimoto – a speedy land based hovercraft that is much like
driving a snowmobile in the slipperiest of conditions.  Its quick to move
and dodge fire which makes it quite difficult to target. It has plenty of firing
capability with grenade launchers and guided missiles. On the flip side the EU’s
Goliath is one slow beast that has regenerating armor and multiple gun turrets. 
Though tough to destroy, its turtle like pace is its Achilles’ heel.  It
does provide one hell of a wallop with its multiple guns. 

Ten new rewards, one new pin and ten new unlock items. This makes those
hard-core gamers keep coming back for more to get all the new stuff. Unlock
credits earned in the booster pack can also be used in the core game.  New
weapons are available after unlocking credits. A couple to mention though are
sticky projectiles and Motion Mines that follow players when the mines are
deployed near them.  Certainly some new weapons to bring snipers out of
their hiding positions.

My Biggest gripe and probably my only one is
that the booster pack is only available for download.  I would have liked
to see a retail version as well, even if it were a few extra bucks.  My
installation went fine but I can just imagine if there was a problem how does it
get resolved.  Things like Internet connection failures, not having the
correct patch before the download etc.  I’m sure EA has a great plan in
place, but I still think some do not like to use Credit Cards over the NET. 
Just my personal opinion!  I still recommend this booster pack even as a
download because it is worth it for all the content.

Review Scoring Details
BF2142 Northern Strike Booster Pack

Gameplay: 9
Fast and furious.  Once you have the commands down this is a blast to play. 
Go on foot or grab a vehicle the choice is yours.  The new vehicles provide
yet another facet of challenging tactics that one must defend against or use as
a strong part of their arsenal.

Graphics: 8
Looks like Battlefield 2. I personally would like to see the game look as
stunning as cinematic trailers.

Sound: 8.5
Still sounds good and it still has pretty darn good music.

Difficulty: Medium
Once you get the knack of the game it is a bit easier.  Online games or
sliding the difficulty toggles to the extremes provide the most challenging

Concept: 7
I would have liked to see this as a retail version and not just a download. 
Fortunately this should be the only add on pack that carries a price tag for
this version of battlefield.  For $9.99 it is pretty much a must have for
BF2142 fans.

Multiplayer: 9
Plenty of games to be found and logging on is a snap.

Overall: 8
It’s worth the $10 price tag.