Batman Arkham Knight: Season of Infamy Review

Season of Infamy feels like the original Batman animated series game we always wanted

Batman Arkham Knight: Season of Infamy plays out a little differently than expected, but at the end of the day, $10 for the DLC is worth it. Batgirl was $ 7 and it only lasted an hour and we were confined to a new area.

At least, in Season of Infamy we are free to the huge open world of Gotham which at times could have you getting sidetracked. The villains, new locations and 2008 Bat suit are the main highlights of the DLC. 

The best thing to compare this DLC to is the original Batman animated show. Their each roughly 30 minutes giving Batman a villain and a problem to solve, once it’s all done, the episode ends and you go on to the next. That is exactly how it feels, little compact episodes of some of the best Batman villains.

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The Positives

  • The new group of villains that Batman will go up against is great. Killer Croc, Ra’s a Ghoul, Mad Hatter, and Mister Freeze are all classic Batman villains, plus all villains that we have met at some point throughout the Arkham games. You could feel the tension and history between some of these characters which really gives the Arkham games its depth.

  • Rocksteady has been pumping out a lot of skins for both Batman and his Batmobile, but the best suit might come with the Season of Infamy DLC. The 2008 Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy Bat-suit is probably the best-looking outfit in the entire game. Not only is it awesome to wear the suit, but it looks super detailed and while playing, Batman looks very life-like.

  • Season of Infamy makes you take on 4 separate villains each with their own agenda. So you would think the DLC is pretty long right? Well, to be fair it is the longest piece of DLC that we’ve seen so far, it’s roughly about 2 hours, give or take depending on your play style; at least, it’s nice to see it past the 20-minute mark.

  • One of the coolest parts of the DLC is that Rocksteady added some new locations. Killer Croc has his own little area as do each of the villains. This is nice as it refreshes the player from re-using the same locations.

The Negatives

  • Mad Hatter as one of the villains was exciting news at first, but the way his story plays out is just plain out boring. He had some fun scenes in Arkham City, which was slightly mimicked here, but in Season of Infamy, he is definitely the weakest link.

  • This negative is kind of contradicting one of my positives, but the run time for Season of Infamy is still a letdown. Yes, it’s about 2 hours, but the way Rocksteady promoted this DLC ever since the beginning of their whole season pass announcement, we were led to believe it would be more of an expansion than just a one-off story of each villain. 

  • Post game spoilers follow throughout the DLC which is a bummer. I won’t spoil anything for any who didn’t play the game yet, but if you know what I mean, it could get annoying.

Rocksteady is one of the most beloved AAA developers in the video game industry right now, not only because they make kick-ass games, but also because they brought the Bat to life like no other game could.

Batman Arkham Knight was the epitome of all the hard work for the last 10 years, it had a massive open world, a great well-rounded story, and the ability to finally drive the Batmobile! It is definitely one of the best games of 2015, even though the PC version is still a little wacky.

But when you start talking about DLC for Arkham Knight you might have an altered perspective. So far the DLC for Arkham Knight was very disappointing, from Batgirls roughly 1-hour playtime to Nightwing’s 20-minute runtime, Rocksteady tends to make weak DLC. 

Season of Infamy delivers on some points, but still lacks the 'oomph,' let's take a look at both its positives and negatives…