You Are Empty – PC – Preview 2

A first-person shooter (FPS) is one
of the defining genres in PC gaming. It seems every year a new game comes out
that pushes the technological boundaries of the PC. Other FPS games try to push
the gameplay aspect of the genre farther along while relying on existing
technology. Another portion of the FPS genre sticks with the bread-and-butter
roots of the genre by offering just a no-frills approach to an FPS. You Are
Empty could be considered a game that falls into the latter category of FPS
games. The preview copy of the game offers a glimpse of the soon-to-be-released


You Are Empty takes place in an
alternate version of 1950’s Communist Russia. The scientists of the Soviet Union
are trying to create an army of super soldiers by performing experimental
procedures on humans. Unfortunately the results have been disastrous as the
patients have been mutated into abominations and run amok across all of Russia.
It’s up to you to explore locations across the Soviet Union and put an end to
the horror.


The game starts off with a very
abstract artistic representation of, what I assume is, your character at work.
The visual style was presented almost entirely in black and white, with actors
blended in with various pieces of animations. Characters were constantly moving
and shaping during the opening scenes that had me captivated. I felt like I was
watching a science-fiction animation instead of a game. Unfortunately the
animation really offered no explanation about the story or what’s happening in
the game. 

Gameplay-wise You Are Empty plays
like a typical FPS shooter instead of the trippy headcase the opening animation
had me wanting to play. The game tries to set a creepy atmosphere at the
beginning by having enemies run across the screen at surprising moments. The
majority of the enemy encounters are usually the same way with you running into
an enemy when you walk inside a door or enter a new area. Unfortunately the game
would ruin these tense moments by having enemies appear almost out of nowhere,
always right behind me where I couldn’t see them. The game was very
straightforward with its progression and only had you performing very minor

Visually the game does a solid job
of presenting a Cold War-era Soviet Union under distress by mutated humans.
Right at the beginning of the preview I was encountering enemies that had
exposed bones in their legs and an exposed skull. Other enemies in the game
included mutated dogs, transformed super Chickens and some very angry firemen
determined to take me out. The majority of the characters looked great with some
nice details. The locations in the game looked solid as well with notable
details in all textures for the various stages. I did notice some issues with
the framerate becoming choppy at times during the game.


You Are Empty should attract plenty
of FPS fans looking for another title to add to their collection. Based on the
preview the game doesn’t offer anything ground breaking or completely different
than other FPS games. However, the Cold War Soviet Union setting is practically
untouched in gaming lore and the animated scenes are fantastic at times. Look
for You Are Empty in your local PC store when it’s released later this year.