WildStar: Hands-on and impression of new PvP mode Sabotage


The second post-launch content drop for WildStar is on its way. After The Strain-themed update, Carbine Studios has focused on PvP with this time around. What WildStar players are getting is a new PvP game mode called Sabotage. Sabotage takes place in a new 15v15 battleground arena, Daggerstone Pass. In Sabotage, you'll navigate on your mounts, use airstrikes and explosives, and work to capture points and destroy the enemy's base core.

The key is to blow stuff up with the explosives you pick up in the match. You can blow up enemies huddled around a capture point, or you can rush the enemy's fusion core to go for the quick win. Hold the capture points and you'll do damage to the enemy's base. The team with the most points at the ened of the timer, or whoever destroys their enemy's fusion core, is the winner. There's plenty of strategy making for an explosive good time… see what I did there? Now let me tell you how my experience went…

“I can't stand it, I know you planned it.”

On the public test realm, I was able to create a level 50 Exile Spellslinger, and I was teamed with other members of the media. We were able to buy a mount, amps that we would need, buy all of our abilities, and were outfitted with a green level 50 set of gear. As an Exile, myself and my fellow journalists were led by PvP/Group Content Design Lead Jen Gordy.

I played two matches, and we won neither. The first match was a blowout. We were completely overmatched, and had little team communication. What also didn’t help is that the enemies were decked out in PvP gear. It could be our whole team versus half of theirs, and we’d barely be making a dent in their health. The other match was a lot closer, and we actually had the lead in most of the match. However, a combination of gear differential and letting them gain access to our core while we went after capture points led to our demise.

Players will definitely need to communicate. You need to react to where the enemy is going, and also make them react to you. Too much of the time, my team would be capturing one point when the enemy team was attacking our base or going to a completely different point. Or we’d go in half-strength and get beaten down. Once the enemy was in our base with bombs, they pretty much lived there. The bomb mechanic was present, but I feel like it wasn’t that big of a deal. In the second match, we didn’t damage their core with any bombs, and yet we almost won. I never actually got my hands on a bomb, but I did attack the countless enemies that ran at our core with them.

“So while you sit back and wonder why

I got this f*cking thorn in my side.”

The thorn in my side was the PvP gear. In reality, we never stood a chance in either of the matches. The PvP gear makes a huge difference, as the damage output and mitigation difference between the teams were substantial. I’m not saying that gear was the sole reason we lost, but it was a factor. I can’t stress communication enough. Please, communicate with your team!

“Oh my God, it's a mirage

I'm tellin' y'all, it's a sabotage.”

sabotage beastie boys

Sabotage is a welcome addition to the PvP game modes already in WildStar. The bombs make for some fun and interesting plays. I was part of a match that was tied until each fusion core was down to 30 percent, only to see the opposing team make some smart strategic moods and pull ahead for the win. I don't know if this is game mode I would have preferred had I had a choice of a few, but again, it's enjoyable. It should also serve as a decent warm-up for Warplots, as you're defending your base while capturing hold points.

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